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IGNORE THE PROPAGANDA! The Fed. Is On A Fixed Path To DESTROY The Economy And Consumer. Mannarino

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In his pre-market report, Gregory Manarino discusses the current market situation, the Fed's repo program, and the impact of war on the economy. He suggests that the market is pricing in the Fed's upcoming rate cuts but warns of a possible drop in June. Manarino believes that the Fed's actions are exacerbating the liquidity crisis and that war is being used to create a need for more borrowed dollars. Despite the rising risk, the market seems to be shrugging it off due to the Fed's perceived fixed path. Manarino also emphasizes the negative effects of central banks' policies on the world economy and warns that the situation will end badly for everyone.

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The stock market seems unstoppable due to the expectation of the Federal Reserve cutting rates.
The market is pricing in the possibility of a drop when the Fed cuts rates.
There is a selloff in the debt market, but the stock market is shrugging it off.
The Fed is pulling liquidity out of the market through its repo program.
The Fed is expected to start cutting rates in June.
War has broken out, leading to an expansion of the debt.
Gregory Manarino discusses the current market situation, the Fed's repo program, and the impact of war on the economy.
The market is shrugging off the higher 10-year yield and rising risk, as it anticipates Fed rate cuts.
The Fed is pulling back its repo program, leading to a more significant war to create a need for borrowed dollars.
The houthis have declared war on the United States and are attacking US ships in the Red Sea.
Stock futures are higher, 10-year yield is higher, and the dollar's relative strength is lower.
Manarino Market Risk Indicator (MMRI) suggests that risk is high, but the market is unfazed.
The market is expected to continue rising despite higher 10-year yield and lower dollar strength due to the Fed's anticipated rate cuts.
Fed's decision to cut rates is based on the need to maintain power and fund war efforts.
Current market status: Futures higher, 10-year yield higher, dollar lower, crude oil higher, gold and silver catching up, crypto doing okay.
The speaker believes that global debt will not shrink and central banks will not disappear, leading to a bad end for the financial situation.
Market indicators suggest a bearish outlook, with winners limited to the one and two percenters.
The negative effects of global financial issues are felt by everyone, emphasizing the interconnectedness of the world.
The speaker discusses the inevitability of global debt increasing and the negative consequences of central banks' actions, emphasizing the interconnectedness of the world.
Debt reduction and power restoration to the people are unlikely scenarios.
Central banks are driven by greed and the desire for power.
Global debt is expected to worsen in the future.
The negative effects of financial issues are felt by everyone in the world.
People have a false belief that a utopian society will suddenly materialize.
The 10-year yield is rising, bonds are selling off, and significant individuals are selling billions of dollars worth of stock.
💫 FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Why does the market seem virtually unstoppable according to Gregory Manarino?

The market is seen as virtually unstoppable because it keeps going straight up, with minimal pullbacks or corrections, due to the expected rate cuts by the Federal Reserve.

2. What is the reason behind the market's behavior and the belief that the Fed will start cutting rates?

The market behavior and the belief that the Fed will start cutting rates are attributed to the realization that the Fed is likely to cut rates in response to the rising risk in the market and the high MMRIs.

3. How is the market's message perceived in the current situation by Gregory Manarino?

Gregory Manarino perceives the market's message as indicating a rising risk, despite the market's ability to shrug off the higher 10-year yield, due to the Fed's fixed path and the upcoming rate cuts.

4. What does Gregory Manarino suggest about the Fed's intention to cut rates and its effect on the market?

Gregory Manarino suggests that the Fed's intention to cut rates is known and that the market is pricing it in, but he also warns that a possible selloff may occur when the Fed cuts rates, as it is already priced in.

5. How does the current situation in the market affect the outlook on global debt and the power of central banks according to Gregory Manarino?

The current situation in the market, where the Fed is expected to cut rates, will further inflate global debt and enhance the power of central banks, leading to a detrimental outcome, as the power will not be restored to the people.