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Installing and getting started with Ubuntu 22.04 in Parallel Desktop 18 with Apple M Series Chip

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The video showcases the easy installation of Ubuntu 22.04 on an Apple M1 chip using Parallel Desktop 18. The process involves downloading the ARM 64-bit version, configuring passwords, and setting legal notices during installation. Within a minute, Ubuntu is successfully installed without needing additional configurations. The system runs smoothly with quick loading times and efficient performance, even under high CPU usage. This demonstrates the speed and efficiency of the Apple M1 chip when running Ubuntu through Parallel Desktop 18.

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Installation of Ubuntu 22.04 on Apple M1 chip using Parallel Desktop 18.
Download Ubuntu 22.04 for ARM 64-bit version, set passwords, and allow automatic installation.
Configure legal notices and privacy settings during installation.
Ubuntu OS is successfully installed in less than a minute without additional configurations like mount volumes.
The installation process is efficient, showcasing the power of the Apple M1 chip.
Smooth and fast installation of Ubuntu 22.04 on Parallel Desktop 18 on Apple M1 chipsets.
Comparable performance to a Linux machine on a PC, with quick loading times and smooth animations.
Rapid switching of dark mode and color changes showcases system speed and efficiency.
High CPU usage does not lead to overheating, even when running on monitor power.
Overall, Ubuntu installation on Apple M1 chip using Parallel Desktop 18 provides a fast and efficient computing experience.