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Start of my benzo Journey off of Benzos - 22 Apr 2022

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Elijah shares his 11-year struggle with benzodiazepines, including valium and ambien, and the ensuing withdrawal symptoms. He documents his journey to taper off the drugs on his YouTube channel to educate and support others going through similar experiences.

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1. How long has the person been taking benzodiazepines?

The person has been taking benzodiazepines for 11 years, starting with Valium for insomnia and Zoloft for anxiety.

2. What were the withdrawal symptoms experienced by the person?

The person experienced withdrawal symptoms when they stopped taking Zoloft and Valium, leading to a deep hole and the need for stabilization in a psychiatric behavioral health hospital.

3. What is the person's plan for tapering off Valium?

The person plans to start a slow taper off their 20mg of Valium, seeking to stay functional and document their journey for others going through the same experience.

4. How does the person describe their experience with benzodiazepine withdrawal?

The person describes their benzodiazepine withdrawal experience as something they would never wish on anybody, emphasizing the need for a slow taper and seeking input and tips from others who have gone through it.

5. What support is the person seeking from viewers of their journey?

The person is seeking input and tips for tapering off benzodiazepines, as well as sharing frequent updates to educate and support others going through similar experiences.