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How to Show Multiple Subtitles In Adobe Premiere Pro

D Studios Media2022-07-19
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The video provides a tutorial on creating separate subtitles for two speakers in Adobe Premiere Pro using a workaround. It explains steps such as matching caption length with a transparent video, adjusting alignment, color, font, and size. The process involves nesting captions in the transparent video to display both sets simultaneously. Additionally, it demonstrates how to remove subtitles from a nested video. The tutorial aims to offer clear instructions without unnecessary distractions, criticizing other videos for being too long and playing background music during simple tasks.

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Creating separate subtitles for two speakers in Adobe Premiere Pro.
Matching the length of captions with a transparent video and adjusting alignment, fill color, font, and size.
Selecting all captions and transparent video, then right-clicking to 'nest' the captions in the transparent video.
Allowing both sets of subtitles to display simultaneously, overcoming the default setting that turns off one when the other is clicked.
Tutorial on removing subtitles from a nested video on YouTube.
Click on the subtitle field to remove subtitles from the video, resulting in subtitles appearing on both sides.
The speaker criticizes other YouTube videos for being unnecessarily long and playing background music during simple tutorials.
The tutorial focuses on providing clear instructions without unnecessary distractions for viewers.