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How Much Damage Do You Really Need for Endgame In Last Epoch?

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The video discusses the challenges of planning builds in Last Epoch and emphasizes the importance of balancing damage output for successful gameplay. It highlights the need for proper decision-making, understanding enemy toughness, and optimizing damage levels to efficiently clear content and maximize loot. The speaker shares insights on different builds, skills, and DPS ranges, recommending aiming for specific damage thresholds for clear and single target abilities. Additionally, the video advises players to aim for high DPS levels to effectively tackle T4 dungeon bosses and encourages collaboration with other players for optimization tips.

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Challenges of planning builds in Last Epoch due to lack of tools like Path of Building or D3 Planner.
Experimentation and potential build failures are common due to the absence of these tools.
Understanding the base health of monsters in the Monolith of Fate is crucial for balancing damage and defenses effectively.
Decisions on gear and build components play a key role in optimizing build performance and avoiding failures.
Proper decision-making and understanding enemy toughness are essential for successful build design in Last Epoch.
Importance of Damage Balance in Last Epoch.
Consistent damage output is essential to prevent loss of stability and maximize rewards.
Research and testing have shown that finding the right balance is key for optimal performance.
Different builds and skills have varying effects on damage output and clear speed.
Infernal Shade has potential in specific builds, highlighting the need for experimentation and collaboration with other players.
Discrepancy in Damage Between Dummy and Monolith Mobs.
Monolith mobs receive significantly less damage due to game balance adjustments.
Monsters and empowered monoliths take about a tenth of the damage compared to the dummy.
Specific enemies like Orbus may have less damage resistance.
Infernal Shade is effective against trash mobs in monoliths, while Hungering Souls is better for clearing despite being single-target.
Optimizing builds in the game by focusing on trash clearing abilities and single target damage.
Balancing damage output is crucial for efficiently defeating enemies, based on personal gameplay experiences and community feedback.
Ideal DPS ranges are highlighted for effective gameplay, with strategies for quick mob elimination.
The subjective nature of gameplay experience versus quantitative analysis is discussed, aiming to provide guidelines for building strong characters in the game.
Recommended DPS levels for different skills in the game.
Aim for 20 to 60k DPS for clear skills like multi-shot and infernal shade.
Aim for 120 to 200k DPS for single target skills like hungering souls and smite.
Balance damage output and quality of life in builds by leaving some single target damage behind buffs.
Weapon swaps can be used to optimize DPS levels, with 20 to 60k being sufficient for clear skills and 120 to 200k for single target skills.
Strategies for T4 dungeon bosses include aiming for 400k to 1 million DPS.
Overkilling single targets is better than barely meeting damage requirements, especially with Ignite Hungering Souls and Infernal Shame builds.
It is recommended to go for supreme overkill rather than just enough damage.
Viewers are urged to share optimization tips with friends and have a great day.