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Escalating tensions in Gaza as Israeli forces intensify attacks, threatening ground invasion

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Israeli forces target Palestinians in Gaza with airstrikes and snipers, leading to casualties and destruction. Jordanian Air Forces deliver humanitarian aid. Netanyahu plans a ground invasion in Rafa, aiming to evacuate Palestinians and defeat Hamas. Explosions near hospitals raise concerns. Palestinians face danger and displacement, with negotiations for a ceasefire ongoing. Residents evacuate amidst intense bombardment, leaving their destroyed homes behind.

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Israeli forces target Palestinians in Gaza, resulting in casualties and destruction.
Civil defense crews work to recover bodies and treat the injured.
Jordanian Air Forces provide humanitarian aid to displaced Palestinians.
Ongoing military attacks and battles escalate tensions in Gaza, leading to more deaths and injuries.
Refugee camps and residential buildings are attacked, putting Palestinians in danger while seeking humanitarian supplies.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu plans ground invasion in Rafa amidst international criticism.
Over 1.5 million Palestinians are to be evacuated from Rafa as part of the plan to defeat Hamas battalions.
Suggestions to relocate Palestinians to KH Yunis are being considered due to relentless bombardment in Rafa.
Netanyahu's goal is to move civilians away from danger zones to ensure their safety.
Uncertainty prevails regarding the ground invasion and evacuation process, keeping the situation tense.
Escalating violence in Gaza amid Israeli military movements and surveillance near Al Kuwaiti Hospital.
Ambulances responding to the explosion, hinting at potential casualties in the area.
Residents scrambling to gather essentials amidst fears of further bombings in supposed safe zones.
Concerns over a possible ground invasion in Rafa by Israel heightening worries of civilian casualties.
Challenges in ceasefire negotiations between Hamas and Israel, sparking concerns of prolonged hostilities.
Impact of Israeli bombardment on Palestinian families in Gaza.
Families in Gaza evacuated to central areas or refused to leave despite destruction of their homes in the north.
Some Palestinians had nowhere else to go and would have to return to live in the ruins of their buildings.