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Intense flooding pummels Southern California

ABC News2024-02-06
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The video is a news report about a deadly storm slamming the West, causing avalanches, flash flooding, torrential rains, mudslides, and life-threatening conditions in California and Nevada. The storm, fueled by an atmospheric river, has brought heavy rain and hurricane-level winds, leading to widespread damage and dangerous situations including rescues and road closures. The report also discusses the rare and extreme nature of the weather events, attributing them to climate change.

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Deadly storm hitting the West with heavy rain, flash flooding, mudslides, and hurricane-level winds.
Atmospheric River bringing more than 10 inches of rain to parts of California.
Hurricane-level winds with gusts up to 100 miles per hour.
Mudslides in the hills around Los Angeles, burying cars and damaging homes.
Reports of a significant avalanche in Nevada near the ski resort in Lee Canyon.
Impact of the storm in Southern California, including mud and debris rushing through neighborhoods, homes sustaining damage, and people needing to be rescued.
SUVs encased in thick mud.
At least a half a dozen homes sustained damage.
Multiple people had to be rescued.
One home pushed off its property onto the roadway, with everything inside exploding out of it.
Consequences of the heavy rain and wind in California, with erosion, unstable ground, and dangerous driving conditions.
Erosion and unstable ground in Santa Barbara.
SUV flipping over and slamming into the guardrail on the five freeway.
Swift water rescue teams rescuing three people in San Bernardino County after they tried driving through a flooded road.
Powerful wind gusts taking down massive trees in Northern California.
One person killed after a tree crushed a home in the Hills above LA.
Continued rain in Los Angeles for nearly 30 hours straight, with the atmospheric river expected to move into Orange County and San Diego.
High risk of landslides in areas like Los Angeles and San Bernardino.
Flood watches extended to Arizona and Nevada, with winter storm watches all the way to Colorado.
Atmospheric River experts say this is a strong alino, with extreme drought to extreme rainfall becoming more common due to climate change.