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Former Priest REVEALS Jesus' MYSTICAL Lost Years & His Connection to BUDDHA! | Fr. Seán ÓLaoire

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Father Seán ÓLaoire shares his spiritual journey, blending pagan beliefs with Christianity, and discussing the influence of his unique upbringing on his spirituality. The video delves into Druids, Gaelic mythology, and the significance of nature in Druidic culture. It explores parallel lives, different levels of consciousness, and the evolution of Earth. The speaker emphasizes the importance of mythology in preserving wisdom and creating personal cosmologies. Concepts like reincarnation, different dimensions, and altered states of consciousness are discussed, along with the future of spirituality in small communities networking globally. The segment concludes with reflections on Hinduism, love as the source of all, and the purpose of awakening to break free from illusions.

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Father Seán ÓLaoire's spiritual journey is shaped by his upbringing in Ireland and mystical experiences with Mother Mary.
He lived with both paternal and maternal grandparents, learning about ancient Irish mythology and Christianity.
Father Seán's spirituality was influenced by his druid grandfather, blending pagan beliefs with Christian teachings.
His unique upbringing formed the foundation for his spiritual path, combining mystical experiences with cultural traditions.
Influence of Druids on Christianity and ancient pagan spirituality.
Gaelic mythology includes stories of Atlantis and the Celts.
Division of Ireland between the Celts and Atlanteans.
Emphasis on nature, storytelling, music, and ceremonies in Druidic culture.
Description of four seasonal celebrations and significance of light and darkness in Druid beliefs.
Age of Atlantis
Atlantis may be older than previously thought, possibly 12,000 years old.
Certification for finding mythical creatures
Certification may exist in Ireland, Wales, or Scotland for discovering mythical creatures.
Belief in supernatural beings
Story shared about fairies and gnomes in Ireland, emphasizing belief in supernatural beings.
Revisiting fairies, gnomes, and elemental creatures
Discussion on fairies, gnomes, and elemental creatures in relation to near-death experiences and pagan/Wiccan beliefs.
Parallel lives and realities
Mention of multiple versions of conversations and timelines existing simultaneously.
The thinning veil between realities and the validity of other beings or creatures popping in and out.
Exploring the concept of multi-tiered creatures, including physical, etheric, and astral bodies.
Discussion on levels like the mental body and psychic body, as well as Hindu notions of the self.
Explanation of the seven different levels of existence and the evolution of Earth from a simple rock to a complex planet.
Emphasizing the importance of careful navigation to avoid self-destruction.
Discussion of consciousness, perception, and ability to shift focus.
Examples of individuals like Yogananda and Baba Ji raising their consciousness and manipulating their environment.
Transition to a discussion on religion and personal exploration of different beliefs.
Experiences of being exposed to various mythologies and spending time in Kenya.
Fascination with different cultures and perspectives.
Importance of Mythology and Stories in Preserving Cultural Wisdom.
Storytelling allows for relevant interpretations based on circumstances.
Speaker reflects on experiences in Africa, learning languages, mythologies, and folklore.
Journey of creating a personal cosmology by embracing different cultural perspectives.
Criteria for a meaningful cosmology that should inspire, challenge, explain experiences, and evolve over time.
Reincarnation of Great Souls in History.
Souls like Jesus and Buddha are believed to be reincarnated throughout history to bring advanced spirituality.
Parallel lifetimes allow souls to play multiple roles simultaneously to accelerate soul evolution.
Characters like Jesus are aware of their various roles across lifetimes.
This concept is compared to an actor playing multiple movie roles at the same time without the characters being aware of each other's existence.
Discussion of parallel lifetimes and energy distribution across them.
Mention of avatars and bodhisattva vows, suggesting the idea of returning to help others awaken.
Touches on reincarnation, preconception contracts, and limitations when volunteering for physical existence.
Delving into the complexity of comprehending simultaneous lives with analogies like watching multiple TV shows at once.
Mention of quantum physics to reinforce the abstract concepts discussed.
Discussion on the illusion of time and our perception of the past, present, and future.
Influence of historical events and propaganda on human behavior is explored.
Differentiating between deterministic, probable, and possible futures.
Emphasis on everything existing in the eternal now and the purpose of incarnation for God to experience through us.
Concept of God fracturing into souls to generate experiences and scaled holograms repeating at infinite scales.
Humans are like bees in a hive, gathering experiences for God through stories and incarnation.
We are all parts of God but struggle due to programming and dogma.
Different religions' views of God are discussed, along with the idea that everything is God.
Emphasis is placed on the belief that we are divine at our core.
The speaker shares a nightly prayer affirming their connection to God and discusses transcending the mind's limitations to access cosmic knowing and quantum physics concepts.
Importance of altered states of consciousness for gaining higher wisdom and understanding.
Methods include meditation, spending time in nature, and interacting with young children.
Personal experience of communicating with a being by a creek.
Significance of connecting with spiritual realms for deeper insights.
Value of practices that shift consciousness for spiritual growth.
The concept of trifurcation in the evolution of humanity is discussed, dividing into tyrannical elites, transhumanists, and those focused on spiritual awakening.
Altering consciousness is emphasized as important for accessing higher realms and learning from entities residing there.
Imagination is differentiated from fantasy as intentionally altering consciousness to gain knowledge.
Interactions with beings at different frequencies and raising one's vibration to connect with them are explored.
The resurrection of Jesus and the Greek verb used to describe his appearance to disciples are also discussed.
Beings lower their vibration to interact with humans at a lower level of consciousness.
Altered states of consciousness and mystical encounters with beings from different traditions are explored.
The concept of beings from a two-dimensional plane encountering a sphere from a three-dimensional reality is used to explain higher dimensions.
Accessing greater powers through different states of consciousness is discussed, along with potential distractions and disruptions.
Jesus' resurrection is briefly mentioned in relation to dimensional perspectives.
Exploring Mystical Abilities and Higher Spiritual Levels.
Jesus is portrayed as transcending 3D reality with mystical powers like shapeshifting and levitation.
Various traditions, including Islam, Christianity, and yogis, share a common goal of reaching a higher spiritual level.
The meeting between Thomas Merton and the Dalai Lama showcases unity despite differing beliefs.
The discussion shifts to Merlin, examining historical and magical aspects tied to the figure, along with perspectives on miracles and cosmic laws.
The cosmos is divided into physical and metaphysical aspects.
Mystics understand and can utilize the laws of the metaphysical universe.
Jesus is believed to have encountered figures like Merlin in various mystical traditions.
Survivors from Atlantis are thought to have spread worldwide, with regions like Egypt and the Middle East potentially being remnants.
In a catastrophic event, only those living close to nature, such as Amazon tribes, would survive, with technology disappearing.
Survivors of Atlantis are interacting with less advanced populations, teaching concepts and avoiding past mistakes.
Mystery schools in the Middle East and North Africa are guiding the evolution of consciousness with a focus on morality and ethics.
Global shift in consciousness is reaching a wider audience than ever before.
Changing perceptions of time as a linear progression are discussed.
The concept of cycles within cycles and humanity's historical progression.
Transitioning from circular beliefs to a spiral perspective, emphasizing compassion and birthing God on Earth.
The teachings of Jesus and Buddha with radical messages challenging modern understanding.
Praise for the sacrifice and love shown by avatars and Ascended Masters throughout history.
Exploring love, sacrifice, and separation to appreciate unity in the segment.
Jesus' commitment to his mission despite facing doubt and temptation is highlighted.
The devil is portrayed as an analogy rather than a literal figure in the narrative.
The evolution of Hebrew Scriptures and the influence of Zoroastrianism on Jewish beliefs are discussed.
The absence of the concept of hell in early religious beliefs is examined in the historical context.
Discussion on the concept of the afterlife in Judaism and Catholicism.
Explanation of heaven and hell, highlighting that hell is not a sociological condition.
Mention of the period when the Catholic Church allowed people to buy their way into heaven through indulgences.
Reflection on the visit to Vatican City and St. Peter's, admiring the architectural and artistic grandeur of the place.
Evolution of organized religion and potential decentralization.
Overrepresentation of psychopaths in positions of power within organizations like politics, finance, and the church.
Organizations start with compassionate leaders but eventually become hierarchical and orthodox, demanding conformity under threat of punishment.
Prediction of a shift towards decentralization in various systems such as economics, education, and religion.
Movement away from traditional organized religions towards more individualized spiritual paths.
The future of spirituality is seen in small communities networking with others, similar to synapses in a global brain.
This model applies to various sectors like economics, healthcare, education, and entertainment, emphasizing power at the local level and collaboration between groups.
The speaker compares this vision to the concept of the internet facilitating connectivity.
They discuss the movie 'The Matrix' as a representation of evolving consciousness and breaking free from limitations.
The conversation concludes with a discussion on the movie 'Groundhog Day' symbolizing soul evolution and reincarnation.
Discussion on Hinduism's concept of reincarnation and stages of incarnations related to pleasure, power, and service to others.
Moksha, or liberation, is presented as the ultimate realization in Hinduism.
Speaker identifies as a pantheist, believing God is the sum total of all existence and more.
Love is described as the source of all, giving birth to light and shaping matter through logos.
Conversation also includes advice on living a fulfilled life and providing guidance to one's younger self.
Discussion on life as an illusion and the purpose of setting God free from our projections.
Emphasis on awakening to this realization and breaking free from illusions.
Promotion of the speaker's website, spiritsinspacesuits.com, for his work and writings.
Praise for the interviewer, Alex, as a conduit for spreading ideas to a wider audience.
Expressing gratitude for the interaction and wishing for continued success in reaching more people with an impactful message.