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The Bloom | Russian Breakthrough To Heorhiivka | Heavy Assaults Resumed. Military Summary 2024.03.11

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Russian forces are advancing in Ukraine, encircling Ukrainian forces and capturing key territories. Ukrainian defenses are weakening, leading to the collapse of defense belts. The situation remains tense, with ongoing military engagements and potential future attacks. Ukrainian forces are preparing for a significant operation in Crimea and intensifying efforts to prevent information leakage. Western countries are discussing redeployment of forces to Ukraine. Belarussian forces are redeploying to borders as countermeasures. Heavy clashes and airstrikes are reported, with potential ground operations looming.

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Russian forces pushing towards Nova Mikova in northern Ukraine.
Ukrainians facing tough decisions as half encirclement strategy implemented by Russians.
Ukrainian forces preparing to defend cities and towns, potentially fighting to last person.
Evacuation processes underway, with Russian forces destroying evacuation machinery.
Russian tanks in western direction clearing mines and preparing for more offensive actions.
Ukrainian forces destroy Russian Tolam Trower system with FPV drone strike.
Ukrainian forces repel Russian attack, causing damage to two Russian armed vehicles.
Video footage confirms effectiveness of Ukrainian defense strategies against Russian advances.
46th Airborne Brigade plays crucial role in defending area and controlling key streets.
Russians seen preparing for further offensive operations, potential future attacks towards defense belts and operational spaces.
Russian attack on Ukraine defense line.
Two Russian convoys attacked, with one reaching the defense line and landing infantry.
Russian forces bypassed fields and edge positions, advancing to attack the tree line with tanks at close range.
Russian version claimed control over the tree line, with military experts reporting complete control over the southern part of the town after clashes.
By March 11th, Russians established fire control over the main supply road, making significant progress in their attacks.
Russian forces gain control over key supply roads, encircling Ukrainian forces between Korovka and Gorova.
Ukrainians are left with the decision to retreat for safety or stay and face destruction.
Russians utilize drones to target and destroy Ukrainian positions, hindering their ability to regroup.
Destruction of Ukrainian bases and drone positions weakens their defenses significantly.
Russian forces strategically strike to maintain control in the region.
Russian advances in capturing territory and weakening Ukrainian defense.
Ukrainian defense belt collapses, allowing Russians to move towards Kashat River.
Russians aim to establish control and attack from southwest towards TR.
Main goal is to reach Kashat River and cross it to attack TR.
Escalation as Russians bomb and attack Ukrainian trenches and fortifications.
Ongoing conflicts between Russia and Ukraine highlighted in the video segment.
Russia has increased the use of certain weapons and captured Ukrainian territory, including an Abrams tank and a MiG-29 jet.
Russian forces have conducted offensive operations in multiple directions, improving their positions and capturing more territories.
The situation remains volatile and unclear, with conflicting reports on control of different areas.
The head of Ukrainian intelligence reported on tensions and potential escalations in the Hon area.
Ukrainian forces preparing for a serious operation in Crimea.
Destruction of two barges by Ukrainians and Russians revealing strategic moves and counteractions.
Ukrainians aiming to establish control over key areas, including ports, to enhance military presence.
Counter-sabotage operations in Odessa focusing on identifying and neutralizing pro-Russian supporters.
Intensifying efforts to prevent leakage of information to Russia in preparation for a significant special operation in Crimea.
Escalating tensions between Russia and Ukraine with potential for ground operation.
Russian forces conducting daily artillery preparations and bombing of Ukrainian towns.
Heavy clashes near Tiany with Russian forces advancing.
Ukrainian forces targeted with airstrikes and tanks destroyed.
Western countries discussing redeployment of forces to Ukraine, with some NATO countries already present.
Belarussian forces redeploy to borders with Ukraine and Poland in response to Western aggressive policies.
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