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ET Seeders, Space Arks and the Great Reveal Webinar - Part 1

Michael Salla2024-03-18
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The video explores ancient space arcs, extraterrestrial involvement in human history, and the arrival of multiple extraterrestrial civilizations on Earth. It discusses remote viewing sessions, past life regression, and the controversial Council of Nine. The segment highlights the importance of understanding humanity's genetic heritage and potential in the context of extraterrestrial interactions, with mentions of advanced technologies and hidden extraterrestrial civilizations. The arrival of extraterrestrial fleets on Earth for planetary liberation and collaboration with the Galactic Federation of Worlds is also discussed, emphasizing the activation of ancient arks and advanced technologies left by 24 civilizations.

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Dr. Michael Salah explores ancient space arcs, referencing the Sumerian flood legend and the sudden emergence of the Sumerian civilization around 3,800 BC.
The story involves a hero named Utnapishtim aided by the Sumerian God Enki, trying to protect humanity from the gods' decision to punish them for their sins through a flood.
The webinar offers uncensored truth on human, extraterrestrial, and political agendas, promising to redpill people into a new understanding of space and civilizations.
Flood stories from various cultures depict the construction of massive arks to save humanity and animals during catastrophic events.
Over 270 flood stories, including the biblical Noah's Ark, share the common theme of building arks to prevent population extinction.
The dimensions and descriptions of these arks differ, but suggest a historical basis for their existence.
Questions are raised about the feasibility and design of wooden boats, like Noah's Ark, that could house thousands of animals and people for extended periods.
The true nature of Noah's Ark is revealed through remote viewing as a high-tech structure underwater during the flood.
Dolores Cannon's analysis of past lives uncovers patterns from ancient times, providing valuable insights into historical events.
Combining remote viewing and past life regression allows researchers to gather more data on ancient mysteries and events with limited documented evidence.
Alien ships hover over the ground, gathering people to escape imminent planetary changes.
The ships are spacious and multiple in number, with human-like beings inside.
Time passes differently on the ship compared to Earth, with individuals remaining unchanged.
People will eventually return to Earth after the danger has passed, with a brief stay on the ship.
Ancient civilizations used ooid-shaped spacecraft, known as arcs, to transport individuals and animals off the planet during cataclysmic events.
The arcs operated in a SpaceTime dimension, allowing people to spend what felt like a day or two on board while centuries passed on Earth.
Evidence from remote viewing and CIA experiments supports the theory that these legendary arcs were indeed advanced technology from other worlds.
The extraterrestrial spacecraft were responsible for preserving life and ensuring humanity's survival.
This information sheds light on forgotten memories of humanity and past events that shaped our history.
Remote viewing session with Joseph McMonagle revealing ancient Martians relocating to Earth.
McMonagle describes observing an ovoid-shaped craft similar to those in Dolores Cannon's material.
Ancient Martians used space arcs to evacuate to Earth during cataclysms.
Earth described in the session as volcanic and full of vegetation, indicating ancient Martians' relocation.
Discussion on who built the space arcs and references to Phyllis Schlemmer and the Council of Nine's material on the topic.
Dr. Puharich's channeling under his guidance in a Faraday cage began in 1973.
The Council of Nine communications began in 1952 and attracted attention from the Pentagon and CIA.
Puharich's paranormal research results caught the interest of the agencies, leading to his recruitment despite a prior medical discharge.
The Pentagon's curiosity in psychic abilities and paranormal research led to Puharich's involvement, showcasing the military's interest in these phenomena.
Controversy surrounding Poar and the Council of Nine.
Claims of CIA psychological warfare and weaponizing psychic research for intelligence gathering were initially accepted.
Further research revealed flaws in assumptions made by conspiracy theories.
Poar's genuine paranormal research yielded valuable insights into extraterrestrial communication.
Interest from the Pentagon and CIA was prompted by the potential for gathering intelligence on extraterrestrial activities.
The Council of Nine and its role in exopolitical and New Age communities.
The Council operates through telepathic contact to promote the law of one.
They confirm the existence of extraterrestrial seeders who built space arcs to save humanity during transitional periods.
Discussion introduces 24 extraterrestrial civilizations with diverse genetics that seeded humanity.
Physical beings from these civilizations have incarnated on Earth, shaping human diversity.
Extraterrestrial civilizations played a role in the establishment of distinct civilizations on Earth.
Alia seeded Atlantis and communicated with humans through technological protection provided by Altia.
The Council of Nine are disembodied entities that require physical intermediaries for communication.
Enki and the Anunnaki were part of the 24 civilizations that established Sumeria.
Biblical stories like King Solomon's advanced technologies may have origins in extraterrestrial influences.
The advanced technologies of the Ancient Hebrews were restricted to select individuals, including King Solomon.
Hebrew civilization of Hua has been involved in seeding and receding Earth multiple times.
Nazis targeted Hebrews due to genetic markers from the Hoover civilization, crucial for collaboration with humanity.
Hitler received orders from Draco reptilians to eliminate these genetic markers.
Jesus was noted for carrying a unique love vibration, believed to be linked to genetic markers from the Hoover civilization by the Council of Material.
Roddenberry's involvement with the Council of Nine was related to his work with US Navy intelligence on the secret space program.
He attended channeling sessions in 1974-1975 in New York, inquiring about extraterrestrial seeders and large-scale civilization landings.
The Council of Nine confirmed the existence of 24 civilizations with spacecraft moving between galaxies.
Various types of vehicles with glass top designs were discussed, including motherships capable of holding large numbers of people, similar to flying saucers.
This concept is not new, as George Adamsky featured a mothership in the 1950s.
Evidence of extraterrestrial presence through photographs of a cigar-shaped craft taken by Georg Adamsky in 1952.
The Council of Nine reveals that governments have concealed the existence of benevolent extraterrestrial civilizations.
These civilizations have been sharing knowledge and technologies with Earth for hundreds of thousands of years.
The resistance to their arrival is driven by lesser civilizations on Earth fearing conflict.
Lack of disclosure regarding extraterrestrial civilizations hinders humanity's growth and understanding.
Plan for 24 extraterrestrial civilizations to reveal themselves in the 1970s was aborted last minute.
Initiative to prepare Humanity for the arrival of the Cedars included the movie 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind'.
White hats within the military intelligence community fed information to Spielberg for this purpose.
Concerns of chaos and pandemonium led to the delay of the plan for extraterrestrial civilizations to reveal themselves.
Roddenberry's notes on the Cedars' arrival influenced TV series like Deep Space 9 and Earth: The Final Conflict.
Extraterrestrial civilizations and their influence on humanity's genetic heritage.
At least 22 genetic experiments have been conducted by various extraterrestrial groups.
Alex Kea learned from Andromedan contacts about humanity being seen as genetic royalty.
Different extraterrestrial groups have varying perspectives on humanity, some seeking to control and manipulate while others seek to uplift and help access genetic potential.
Understanding humanity's genetic heritage and potential is crucial in the context of extraterrestrial involvement.
JP claims to have been taken on large arcs to see extinct plants and animals for future civilization.
He provided evidence of anti-gravity spacecraft near military bases after being prompted by covert military personnel.
Official government agencies are interested in extraterrestrial contact despite ridicule from the UFO community.
Contactees like JP are used by military intelligence to gather information on ETs, showing a contradiction between public perception and covert operations.
JP's unique genetics and military training led to a mission to Jupiter's moon Ganam.
JP has been working with covert military personnel since 2008, receiving Special Forces training and fast-tracking into senior positions.
In September 2021, JP was instructed to prepare for a mission to Jupiter's moon Ganam to meet highly evolved extraterrestrial visitors.
Articles were written detailing JP's experiences with extraterrestrial beings upon his return from the mission.
Messages from the Galactic Federation about the Intergalactic Confederation's arrival.
The fleets of craft, dormant for thousands of years, are now active, some buried under the Moon and Antarctica.
The ships are currently positioned around Jupiter and will move closer to Earth's orbit.
Elena Den declined recruitment by the French space agency to transmit messages from extraterrestrial beings.
Extraterrestrial spacecraft sightings in our solar system, including cigar-shaped craft and large mother ships.
Witnesses like Alena Danan and James Gilland report fleet arrivals in 2021 and activation of ancient arks in response.
Remote viewers confirm existence of floating city in Jupiter's atmosphere.
High officials evaluating progress in dismantling dark Alliance and collaborating with Galactic Federation of Worlds.
Extraterrestrial fleets are assisting in a planetary liberation process on Earth through frequencies and dreams.
Ganymede is a common destination for these extraterrestrials, with ancient structures matching information from sources.
US Space Command is leading missions to Ganymede, exposing advanced technologies that will eventually be disclosed.
Space arcs with advanced technology left by 24 civilizations are activating on Earth and the moon, with multiple functions to benefit humanity.
Discussion on technologies for future generations and advancements for new civilizations.
Emphasis on the importance of engaging with exopolitics content.
Encouragement to explore Dr. Michael Salah's resources on exopolitics today.com.