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Three Of The Most Anticipated & Exciting Guitars Releasing In 2024 (at least we hope)

Justin Jeske2024-01-05
20K views|5 months ago
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The video segments discuss the upcoming release of three new guitars in 2024, including the highly anticipated epone Dave Grohl 335. Fans are excited about the unique designs and potential collaborations with Gibson. The John Frante signature Stratocaster and PRS Silver Sky in charcoal finish are also generating anticipation. Overall, the video highlights the excitement among fans for these new guitar releases and encourages viewers to share their plans for acquiring them.

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Three guitars set to release in 2024, including the epone Dave Grohl 335.
Prototype in Gold version generating excitement after being used by Dave Grohl in a performance.
Potential release of a more affordable version exciting for Foo Fighters fans due to high prices of Gibson versions in resale market.
Unique design of Dave's signature guitar with a headstock similar to Gibson guitars adds to appeal of upcoming release.
Discussion about a signature guitar with a Firebird headstock and potential release in 2024.
Excitement among fans for the new guitar model and mention of a possible collaboration with Gibson for a white version.
Transition to a John Frante signature Stratocaster requested by fans since the early 2000s.
John Frante seen playing a replica of his 1962 Stratocaster, sparking speculation about a signature model.
Insight into the guitar's design, potential release as a signature model, and comparison to Fender Custom Shop's Relic models.
Potential release of John Franti signature Stratocaster inspired by Mike McCree model.
New guitar expected to have similar price tag to McCree model, with Alder body and roadworn lacquer finish.
Specialized John Franti pickups designed for the guitar anticipated to be a unique selling point.
Speculation that guitar may be a prototype or pre-production model, with doubts about Franti using a replica of his 62 Stratocaster for live performances.
The PRS Silver Sky in charcoal finish set for release in 2024.
The guitar is expected to feature unique color finishes that John has played with.
Updates to specifications, such as different pickups, are anticipated.
Fans are excited about the high-quality finish of the Silver Sky in charcoal.
Anticipation for the release of the new guitar model, the Silver Sky, and potential addition of three new guitars to the collection.
The speaker expresses excitement for fans to get their hands on these highly anticipated guitars, hinting at a release sometime during the year.
The upcoming releases are viewed as something to look forward to, providing a positive outlook for the future.
Viewers are prompted to share their plans for acquiring these guitars in the comments section.
The segment concludes with a reminder to subscribe for more content.