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Why You Can’t Handle JPTR FX

JHS Pedals2021-09-24
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The video features Chris Jupiter sharing his journey from music-inspired teenager to successful pedal builder with Jupiter FX, showcasing innovative designs. Specific pedals like 'Wanderlust' and 'Warlow' are discussed, each offering unique features and nostalgic effects. Personal reflections on childhood struggles and the impact on creativity are shared, along with discussions on various music pedals and their design processes. The segment concludes with reflections on life's uncertainties, the review of an album by Manchester Orchestra, and a reminder to take care of one's health.

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Chris Jupiter shares his journey from music enthusiast to successful pedal business owner.
Inspired by music, Chris explored painting and adopted the name Chris Jupiter for its passion and artistry symbolism.
Despite criticism, Chris pursued pedal building and turned it into a successful business with his girlfriend and mother.
Jupiter FX has created 40 pedal designs that have made a significant impact in the industry.
The products reflect Chris's love for music and cool creativity, showcasing unique and innovative designs.
Discussion of the 'Wanderlust' pedal and the 'Warlow' version of the Big Muff.
The 'Wanderlust' pedal offers unique features like infinite chaos sustain mode and evokes suppressed memories.
The speaker recalls a childhood bully, illustrating the pedal's effect like a sudden memory resurfacing.
The 'Warlow' is known for its brutal sound, and the speaker plans to experiment with tuning to explore its capabilities.
References to vampire lore from a TV show add a playful tone to the conversation.
Discussion on the unique sound of the IC Big Muff guitar pedal.
The pedal is characterized by a lot of mid-range and produces a squealing, howling effect.
The sound is compared to a cry of agony and described as a release, similar to screaming into the trees.
Transition to another pedal, the Jive, which replicates the sound of a 70s Akai tape machine.
The Jive pedal is known for its distortion capabilities and emulates the sound of a driven tape machine used as a distortion device.
Reflections on feeling trapped and unhappy during school.
Speaker never excelled in school and felt inferior, lacked real friends, and didn't find school lessons useful.
Speaker expresses feeling trapped and hopeless in their current situation.
Discussion on popular music pedals including a best-selling booster and a unique reverb pedal with added saturation and compression.
Creator of the pedals shares design process and pride in self-developed products.
Reflection on childhood experiences and impact on parenting.
Concerns about repeating patterns with own children.
Discussion on unique pedal with circuit board business card and creative accessories.
Appreciation for vintage British design of the pedal.
Highlighting the dual gain stage fuzz feature of the pedal.
Childhood memories and coping mechanisms with pain.
Living in a fantasy world to avoid internal struggles.
Discussion on music equipment, including a glitch time modulation unit.
Feeling out of place in school due to height.
Introduction of the Tesla Wolf music effect inspired by Nikola Tesla and Elon Musk.
The speaker reflects on personal experiences and societal attitudes towards positive change efforts.
A story about a friend labeled 'trash girl' illustrates societal perceptions towards those trying to make a difference.
Initiating change can be challenging due to resistance and setbacks, similar to a jam session falling apart.
Life is chaotic and unpredictable, with constant movement and lack of control.
The segment transitions to discussing the Death Saw Noise Terror Grind HM2 pedal and its impact on Swedish death metal.
Reflection on life and death and review of 'The Million Masks of God' album by Manchester Orchestra.
The speaker contemplates the inevitability of life and death, emphasizing the futility of life.
Manchester Orchestra's album praised for its unique sound, songwriting, production, and arrangement.
Viewers encouraged to listen to the album and share their thoughts.
Segment concludes with a reminder to eat and monitor blood sugar levels.
Importance of acknowledging and sharing dark childhood experiences.
Encouragement to reflect on past and discuss early life experiences.
Promotion of engagement with the channel through liking, subscribing, and music resources.
Abrupt ending indicating a shift in tone or topic.