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Fulltone is Back: (Short Documentary Film) Feat. Mike Fuller & Brad Jackson

Jackson Audio2024-01-23
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Brad Jackson and Mike Fuller discuss their passion for creating high-quality guitar amplifiers and pedals, with Fuller's company Fulltone Musical Products being known for producing top-notch guitar effects. Jackson's company, Jackson Ampworks, has partnered with Fulltone to manufacture their products in the United States. Together, they aim to continue the legacy of Fulltone and bring their products to the next level under the name Fulltone USA, while staying true to Fuller's original designs. Fulltone founder, Mike Fuller, discusses creating the OCD pedal and his collection of iconic guitar products. Fulltone USA aims to continue producing quality guitar products for the next 20-30 years, staying true to their legacy and serving the guitar community.

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Brad Jackson and Michael Fuller discuss their passion for taking technology and guitar pedals to the next level.
Brad Jackson started Jackson Amp Works in 2004.
Michael Fuller runs Fulltone Musical Products and is known for making guitar pedals.
They both emphasize the importance of innovation and pushing the boundaries of what guitar pedals can do.
Brad and Michael formed a partnership to make guitar pedals in the United States with a focus on quality.
Brad was impressed with Michael's expertise and saw an opportunity for collaboration.
Michael was initially hesitant and wanted to ensure that Brad's shop could meet the required standards.
After visiting Brad's shop in Texas, Michael was satisfied with the quality and agreed to the partnership.
Fulltone USA is a partnership between Brad, Juan, and Michael Fuller, with Michael as the chief design officer.
Brad and Juan handle the manufacturing, shipping, and distribution, allowing Michael to focus on design.
Fulltone USA is not a version of Jackson Audio, but a separate entity focused on carrying forward the legacy of Michael's products.
The idea is to collaborate and bring back some older products while maintaining the quality and essence of Michael's brand.
Introduction to the OCD pedal prototype by Fulltone.
Fulltone is known for creating cool things from the past as well as new and unique stuff.
The OCD pedal was a prototype introduced in late 2004 as a result of the founder's obsessive and detail-oriented nature.
The pedal aims to make something complicated simple and is a testament to Fulltone's ability to strip things down to their core essence.
Fulltone's commitment to producing legacy products for the next 20-30 years.
Fulltone believes their products are staple in the industry and are focused on carrying their legacy forward.
The partnership with Mike aims to keep Fulltone's amazing products viable in the marketplace.
Fulltone USA is committed to providing bulletproof guitar products for the working class community of players.
💫 FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the collaboration between Brad Jackson and Mike Fuller about?

The collaboration is about Brad Jackson taking over the manufacturing, shipping, receiving, and distribution of Fulltone products, allowing Mike Fuller to focus on design and innovation.

2. How is Fulltone USA different from Jackson Audio?

Fulltone USA is not Jackson Audio 2.0; it is a separate entity where Brad Jackson and Mike Fuller collaborate to continue the legacy of Fulltone products with Jackson handling the business aspects and Fuller focusing on design and innovation.

3. What does Brad Jackson's collaboration with Mike Fuller aim to achieve?

The collaboration aims to continue the legacy of Fulltone products by combining Brad Jackson's expertise in manufacturing and business with Mike Fuller's focus on design and innovation, ensuring the quality and innovation of Fulltone products.

4. How is Brad Jackson's role defined in the collaboration with Mike Fuller?

Brad Jackson takes over the manufacturing, shipping, receiving, and distribution of Fulltone products, allowing Mike Fuller to focus on design and innovation, showcasing the division of responsibilities in their collaboration.

5. What is the focus of Mike Fuller in the collaboration with Brad Jackson?

Mike Fuller's focus in the collaboration is on design and innovation of Fulltone products, highlighting his role in continuing the legacy of Fulltone with Brad Jackson's support in manufacturing and business.

6. What is the significance of the 'Obsessive Compulsive Drive' (OCD) pedal mentioned in the video?

The 'Obsessive Compulsive Drive' (OCD) pedal is highlighted as a significant creation by the designer, emphasizing the attention to detail and the years of work put into its development.

7. How is the partnership with Mike Fuller helping to carry Fulltone USA forward?

The partnership with Mike Fuller is aimed at keeping Fulltone USA's legacy products viable in the marketplace and continuing to provide high-quality guitar products for the community of players.

8. What is the main focus of Fulltone USA's collaboration with Mike Fuller?

The main focus of the collaboration is to ensure that Fulltone USA's legacy products remain available for the next 20-30 years and continue to serve the guitar community with high-quality, reliable products.

9. What does the video emphasize about the 'Obsessive Compulsive Drive' (OCD) pedal's design?

The video emphasizes the attention to detail and the ability to create a brilliant yet simple pedal, showcasing the designer's talent for focusing on the core essence of a product.

10. How is Fulltone USA's partnership with Mike Fuller described in terms of the guitar community?

The partnership is described as a way to continue providing top-notch guitar products for the working-class guitar players and to uphold the legacy of Fulltone USA within the guitar community.