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Creator Teaches More on the Workings of Karma

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The video explores the concept of karma, challenging traditional beliefs and emphasizing the importance of understanding it deeply. It discusses the implications of karma on a universal scale, the role of Divine Alignment, and the necessity of invoking the divine for desired outcomes. The video delves into the complexities of the law of karma, divine intervention, and the interconnectedness between creators and beings. It highlights the need for healing societal disconnect, combating evil forces, and the importance of human accountability in shaping outcomes. The video aims to promote spiritual healing, divine partnership, and awakening to counter negativity and achieve true insight.

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Exploring the concept of karma and its implications on a larger scale.
The hosts challenge traditional beliefs and encourage deep questioning and exploration of karma.
Emphasizing the importance of understanding karma at a profound level and the significance of continuous learning and inquiry.
Viewers are urged to use their inner resources and creativity to uncover hidden truths.
Approach issues from various perspectives for a more comprehensive understanding.
The impact of the relaxation of karmic consequences leading to a rise in evil and imbalance in the Universe.
Physical beings have disconnected from Divinity, contributing to the imbalance and allowing evil to thrive.
The potential consequences of evil triumphing, including a failure of the Paradigm and a possible recall and restart of the universe.
Despite challenges, overcoming darkness is achievable through healing and efforts in the physical plane.
The importance of Divine Alignment in shaping individual outcomes.
Individuals must take proactive steps to invoke the divine for desired results.
Emphasis on the Free Will Paradigm and individual responsibility in executing ground rules.
Challenging the belief of God controlling everything, highlighting the need for personal alignment with the Divine.
The role of individuals in shaping their own reality through alignment with the Creator.
The concept of multiple universes and the evolution of karma laws.
The idea that karma laws are debated and settled upon between universes, with lessons from past cycles applied.
The importance of not changing the rules mid-game to avoid undermining the process and creating uncertainties.
Changes to the law of karma will only be made if the current universe is recalled and restarted with a new configuration.
The importance of following rules and understanding karma in proving success under new rules.
Creator's infinite power does not allow for changing karma rules, which are set and unchangeable.
Lords of Karma are seen as a metaphor for the powerful influence of the law of karma.
Controlling influences separate from the Divine can affect human fate based on prior actions and external influences.
The perception of multiple deities is interpreted as different forces serving various roles under one deity.
Overview of oversight and divine management by angelic beings in assisting with divine missions.
Divine laws regulate energetic forces similarly to physics laws, providing consistency and predictability in the universe.
The laws operate independently, showcasing uniform and reproducible properties across different levels of existence.
Consciousness is ingrained in every aspect of existence, allowing for divine intervention to surpass individual limitations.
Karma is highlighted as a core principle, emphasizing the significance of enlightenment in addressing societal divisions and countering malevolent forces.
The introduction of raccoons into the Anunaki world served as a teachable example of consequences for misconduct.
The raccoons were eventually exterminated as pests, leading to a pushback from the law of karma.
The Anaki's abuse of power and corruption resulted in their downfall.
The Creator takes responsibility for creating beings in response to a karmic dilemma and within the rules of engagement and free will.
This clarification resolves ambiguity about responsibility for creation and the presence of predatory creatures in the world.
The importance of trust and duality in Divine Creations.
Creatures can have both good and perverted sides.
Some animals can transition from predatory to loving companions.
Emphasis on the design and purpose of animals in Earth's ecosystem.
The introduction of the horse to Earth by extraterrestrial beings for energy and pleasure.
The horse had a mutually beneficial relationship with humans, being repurposed for human habitation in building a civilization.
Many horses have karmic wounds from historical abuses by humans, part of Humanity's karmic legacy needing healing.
The concept of repurposing animals from other worlds is proposed, as Earth is relatively new to the galaxy, with animals possibly imported to support human life.
The concept of karma and group karma is discussed in the video segment, focusing on the interconnectedness between creators and beings.
Species are believed to be designed in response to group karma, raising questions about the involvement of creators in karmic responsibility.
The segment emphasizes the shared culpability between creators and beings, highlighting the need for divine intervention to address negative karma accumulation in the galaxy.
Challenges related to the Free Will Paradigm are mentioned, underscoring the necessity of orchestrating a vast healing enterprise to prevent failure and save the day.
The importance of the partnership between humans and a higher power in shaping outcomes.
Divine intervention based on accumulated karma is emphasized, focusing on healing and spiritual growth.
Karma is described as a mechanism that responds automatically to energy perturbations.
The consistent and automatic operation of karma as an energetic regulatory mechanism is emphasized.
The importance of invoking divine solutions and recognizing the role of karma in shaping outcomes is highlighted.
The universe is designed to bring balance and harmony through controlling energetic discord.
Divine help is necessary to overcome challenges beyond individual control.
Humans should involve higher powers in daily life for a brighter future.
Divine intervention is not unlikely or only for emergencies, but it is important to build a direct partnership with higher beings.
Agnosticism is discussed in terms of acknowledging a higher power that operates independently through universal laws like karma.
Discussion on understanding and changing karma consequences.
Importance of correcting negative karma to achieve success.
Complexity of karmic consequences, entanglements, and paths to healing.
Perpetrators and victims may interact in different roles across lifetimes to address karmic debts.
Summary of the Law of Karma
Events near sources of danger can lead to accidents as karmic consequences matching prior experiences.
Energy is distributed in alignment with past events, involving all conditions and participants.
Individuals linked karmically to events may face similar occurrences for healing.
The law of karma arranges for perpetrators, including dark spirits and extraterrestrials, to address negative impacts through repeated events.
Achieving Divine Intervention for Healing Karmic Debts.
Empowered prayer, light worker healing protocol, and subconscious memory reset are essential tools for achieving divine intervention.
Addressing karmic trauma inflicted by dark forces is crucial for healing and rebalancing.
Divine partnership can provide the necessary strength for healing and rebalancing.
Becoming healers and harnessing human intention are crucial steps towards cleansing the world of negativity and achieving true awakening and insight.
Get Wisdom Enterprise focuses on spiritual healing techniques to combat ignorance and darkness.
Emphasis is placed on recruiting more individuals open to spiritual healing to tip the balance in the healing effort.
Formal religions are criticized for becoming corrupted and diluted over time.
Awakening to unpleasant truths and countering evil forces with Divine Healing is emphasized.
The Enterprise offers various services and training programs for those interested in inviting Divine assistance through their G Wisdom project.