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Tracy Morgan Explains Tracy Morgan Lyric References | Between The Lines

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Tracy Morgan discusses his relationships with rappers, experiences in the entertainment industry, and the importance of recognition and staying true to oneself. He reflects on his time on '30 Rock', working with Childish Gambino, and memories of 'Saturday Night Live'. Tracy also expresses gratitude for gifts from friends, love towards them, and the aim of his show 'The Last OG' to provide laughter during the pandemic.

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Tracy Morgan discusses his relationships with rappers like Puffy, Biggie, Jay-Z, and T.I., emphasizing their connections and history together.
He shares his love for hip-hop and stresses the importance of creativity and authenticity in the art form.
Tracy talks about his experiences in the entertainment industry, working with Ice Cube, Dre, and being acknowledged by T.I. for his TV show role.
Recognition and confidence are highlighted as key factors in driving Tracy's creativity and passion for comedy.
Tracy Morgan reflects on his time on '30 Rock' and praises Childish Gambino's talent.
Tracy discusses creating the character Brian Fellows for 'Saturday Night Live' and the character's love for animals.
He shares memories of filming near his childhood home and the excitement of being on 'Saturday Night Live'.
Tracy mentions working on a Warner Brothers movie with Bruce Willis.
He expresses pride in representing his neighborhood.
Tracy Morgan shares memories and gifts from friends Ice-T and Chief Keef.
Tracy expresses gratitude and love towards his friends, emphasizing the importance of relationships.
Tracy discusses his show 'The Last OG' and its purpose to provide a light-hearted escape during the pandemic.
He highlights the significance of laughter and fun in difficult times.