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Mariah Carey Genius Level: The Full Interview on Her Iconic Hits & Songwriting Process

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In a recent interview, Mariah Carey discusses the deeply personal and therapeutic process of writing her songs, the meaning behind her lyrics, and the creation of her albums, providing a behind-the-scenes look at her music career.Mariah Carey discusses her songwriting process and the significance of her song 'Close My Eyes', mentions her upcoming album 'Caution', and offers advice to young female songwriters to prioritize writing their own songs and holding onto their publishing rights.

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Mariah Carey talks about her song 'Outside' being about her experience as a biracial person and not feeling like she fits in with the norm.
The song is deeply personal and about not having someone to connect with who understands her experience.
People with different backgrounds have also found the song relatable in their own situations.
Mariah Carey discusses the inspiration behind the song 'Looking In' and the real her.
The song is about her smiling through tears and hiding her insecurities.
Mariah Carey wrote the song in 15 minutes as a therapeutic moment for herself.
The lyrics are a reflection of her most honest and deep feelings.
Mariah Carey talks about the impact and legacy of her song 'All I Want for Christmas Is You'.
The song has become a Christmas standard that people play as the holiday season approaches.
Mariah Carey credits Tommy for suggesting she do a Christmas album, but she wrote the song from the perspective of someone who didn't grow up with a lot of money.
She wanted to make the record sound classic and timeless.
Mariah Carey discusses the importance of the album 'The Emancipation of Mimi' in her career and the song 'Fly Like a Bird'.
The album was a response to the perceived downfall of 'Glitter' and the less successful 'Charmbracelet'.
Mariah Carey worked with Pharrell and Jermaine Dupri on the album.
The song 'Fly Like a Bird' was written with Big Jim, who passed away.
Mariah Carey talks about the inspiration behind the song '8th Grade' and the raw emotion captured in the track.
The song is about a tumultuous time in her life, feeling insecure and melancholy.
The title '8th Grade' reflects the rawness and unmanufactured feeling of that moment.
Mariah Carey discusses her approach to writing and the influence of hip-hop on her music.
She values the impact of her lyrics on others, even if they don't fully understand her specific meanings.
Mariah Carey acknowledges her love for hip-hop and how she incorporated a reference to her own song 'Breakdown' in a new track.
She was flattered by Drake's use of her sample in his song 'Emotionless'.
Mariah Carey discusses the song 'Close My Eyes' and its significance as a snapshot of her life.
'Close My Eyes' is a personal and obscure sounding record.
Carey started writing the song, stopped, and then picked it up again.
The song reflects a lot of truths about her life.
People have told Carey that the song helped them get through serious abusive situations.
Mariah Carey expresses pride in 'Close My Eyes' as a songwriter, despite it not being her most famous or well-known song.
The song is a meaningful snapshot of her life.
People have shared that the song helped them through difficult situations.
Mariah Carey believes the favorite song is up to the fans to decide, and mentions 'portrait' from the upcoming album 'Caution' as a song she is looking forward to seeing the reaction to.
The favorite song is subjective and can span different periods of time.
Carey is curious to see how fans will react to the song 'portrait' from the album 'Caution'.
Mariah Carey's advice to young female songwriters is to not let anyone dissuade them from writing their own songs and to hold onto their publishing rights.
Don't let anyone discourage you from writing your own songs.
Hold onto your publishing rights.
Encouragement to express yourself and write your own songs.
💫 FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How did Mariah Carey's personal experiences as a biracial person influence her songwriting?

Mariah Carey's personal experiences as a biracial person heavily influenced her songwriting, creating music that reflects her journey of self-discovery and the need for connection in a world where she often felt like she didn't belong.

2. What is the significance of the song \"Outside\" to Mariah Carey and her fans?

The song 'Outside' holds great significance to Mariah Carey as it embodies her struggles with self-acceptance and the desire for belonging as a biracial individual. For her fans, the song represents a message of hope and understanding, resonating with anyone who has ever felt like an outsider.

3. How did Mariah Carey approach the creation of her Christmas album?

When Mariah Carey was suggested to create a Christmas album, she reflected on her own childhood experiences and the desire to have a festive holiday despite challenging family dynamics. This inspiration led to the creation of classic and timeless songs that have become a staple for generations during the holiday season.

4. What motivated Mariah Carey to write \"8th Grade\" and how does she describe the song's meaning?

Mariah Carey was inspired to write \"8th Grade\" by the tumultuous experiences of her own adolescence, capturing a raw and unmanufactured feeling that she felt at that time. The song reflects the universal theme of unrequited love and the insecurities that come with it, resonating with listeners who have navigated similar challenges in their own lives.

5. In what way did Mariah Carey express her need for collaboration and dialogue in the songwriting process for \"With You\"?

Mariah Carey emphasized her love for collaboration and dialogue in the songwriting process for \"With You,\" valuing the exchange of ideas and creativity that comes from working with others. She wanted the lyrics to express a sense of longing and desire, which she feels was successfully achieved through the collaborative effort.

6. What is one of Mariah Carey's most proud songs that she has written?

Mariah Carey mentions the song 'Close My Eyes' as one that she is proud of as a songwriter, and it has also helped people get through serious abusive situations.

7. How does Mariah Carey describe the song 'Close My Eyes'?

Mariah Carey describes the song 'Close My Eyes' as a representation of her life and a snapshot of the truths she was telling during that time.

8. Which song does Mariah Carey reference as one of her most proud and well-known ones?

Mariah Carey mentions that 'Close My Eyes' is not her most famous or well-known song, but it is one that she is proud of as a songwriter and has helped people globally.

9. What advice does Mariah Carey give to young female songwriters?

Mariah Carey advises young female songwriters not to let anyone dissuade them from writing their own songs and to hold onto their publishing rights, emphasizing the importance of expressing oneself through music.

10. How does Mariah Carey recommend songwriters to handle their publishing rights?

Mariah Carey encourages songwriters to hold onto their publishing rights and not let others control their music, stressing the significance of having the creative freedom to express oneself.