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These firefighters just promoted themselves to another level of ‘awesome’: Gutfeld

Fox News2024-03-12
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The video addresses backlash faced by the FDNY for reprimanding firefighters who booed at an event, surveillance by Facebook targeting Trump supporters, and concerns about political bias in actions against Trump by Letitia James. It also discusses the importance of defending the rule of law and unity in upholding fundamental values in society.

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FDNY facing backlash for targeting firefighters who booed at an event.
Commissioner Laura Cavanaugh leading the charge, despite not being a firefighter herself.
Internal memos scolding firefighters for bringing discredit to the department.
Bureau of Investigation and Trials reeducating firefighters on acceptable behavior.
Controversy and division within the department as a result.
Surveillance of voters' bank records and targeting Trump supporters by Facebook.
Identification of conservatives through student loan repayments.
Warning for Republicans and Democrats about political affiliation-based targeting.
Criticism of Letitia James for politically motivated actions against Trump.
Controversy and mixed opinions on Letitia James and her actions.
Discussion about the presence of a woman at an event, possibly due to a request from a black female chaplain being honored.
The woman was a guest and not there for political reasons.
Speculation about editing out comments made by Jim in favor of Letitia James.
Concerns raised about the involvement of the fire department in handling a situation, with advice given not to turn oneself in or snitch on friends.
Mention of booing and embarrassment related to the situation.
Importance of defending the rule of law and due process in society.
Emphasis on avoiding political bias when imprisoning or bankrupting opponents.
Need for universal support of these principles regardless of political beliefs.
Consequences of not standing up for one's rights and the importance of courage in defending them.
Call for unity in upholding fundamental values in society.