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Interview with Keenan - Suno.ai CoFounder & COO

erez rubinstein2024-01-24
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The video discusses the team's evolution towards music creation using text prompts, their challenges in the audio domain, advancements in music editing tools, the importance of avoiding copyright infringement, feedback from communities, and the growth of AI-generated music. They emphasize empowering artists, improving user experiences, and creating original content while highlighting the potential for technology to democratize music creation. The team aims to enhance user experiences, ensure prompt adherence, and improve song structures in AI music creation, ultimately fostering creativity and expanding opportunities for artistic expression.

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Evolution of Sunno team from research to music creation.
Interest in Bark text-to-music model led to focus on music.
Positive community response inspired development of text-to-music models.
Despite doubts, team enjoyed exploring music creation journey.
Team consists of technically proficient members, with one member lacking programming skills but contributing positively.
Challenges and excitement of working in the audio domain.
Training models to recognize currency symbols and accents, with instances of imputing currency based on context.
Importance of improving quality, control, and speed in audio editing tools.
Commitment to pushing the boundaries of quality in audio processing.
Advancements in music creation tools and workflows are aimed at enabling users to highlight specific sections for iterative editing.
Streaming architecture improvements have led to faster generation of music clips.
Future capabilities may include using voice prompts and audio inputs for original music creation.
Ethical concerns around AI-generated music and the need for consent when using artists' likeness are discussed.
The overall goal is to empower artists and enhance creativity through AI tools.
Importance of avoiding copyright infringement in music creation.
Focus on ensuring originality and avoiding infringement on existing rights.
Designing a mobile experience to facilitate creative expression while preventing legal issues.
Caution around inputting lyrics from existing songs and dedication to creating new, unique content.
Data-driven and algorithmic approach with emphasis on maintaining a homegrown model.
The emergence of new tools in the music generation space leads to increased competition and interest from companies.
Discord plays a significant role in fostering community and facilitating product development.
Challenges include getting users to try new tools, with an emphasis on the importance of mobile experiences.
There is a shift in user focus towards creating music rather than solely relying on AI.
The evolution of user cohorts from AI enthusiasts to music creators showcases the platform's adaptability and appeal to a wider audience.
The importance of user feedback and excitement about a new partnership.
Exploring new ways for audio input, such as singing or humming into phones.
Creating original works using different modalities and ensuring thoughtful product design.
Core technology is established, with a focus on product guidelines and careful design.
Enthusiasm for the potential of these developments.
AI music creation tool gaining popularity among first-time users.
Upcoming experiences will center around Valentine's Day songs and offer guided user experience.
Core user base is new music makers, with a focus on consumer experience and audio quality enhancement.
Next model version promises improved prompt adherence and song structure tags to address user frustrations.
Aim is for continuous improvement in AI music creation.
Importance of song structure for a coherent listening experience.
Frustration with abrupt song endings and need for better continuation and consistency in songwriting workflows.
Potential for technology to empower non-musicians to create music, sparking an identity shift towards music creation.
Envisioning a future where more people can enjoy both listening to and making music, expanding options for artistic expression.
Enjoyed engaging in conversation and appreciated hearing different perspectives.
Looking forward to maintaining communication and staying connected in the future.