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Learn Live 12: Live’s user interface

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The video provides an overview of Live's user interface, highlighting key sections like the Info View, control bar, and browser. Live offers two main views - Arrangement view and Session view, with a mixer section at the bottom. Return tracks are used for effect sends, and navigation in Arrangement view involves Beat and Time rulers. The detail view at the bottom can toggle between device and clip views, and zoom and pan features are available. Toggles next to track names can fold and unfold tracks for customized viewing.

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Overview of Live's user interface.
Info View provides details on interface elements, while the control bar has project essentials like tempo and time signature.
Browser on the left contains instruments and effects, with resizable elements and shortcuts.
Live offers Arrangement view for timeline organization and Session view for vertical track display.
Mixer section at the bottom features track controls and can be toggled for customized viewing.
Overview of Ableton Live Mixer Section
Return tracks are used for effect sends, while the main track sums all tracks before sending to speakers.
The mixer section can be seen in both session and arrangement views.
Navigation in the Arrangement View involves using Beat and Time rulers.
Zoom and pan features are available by clicking and dragging or using keyboard shortcuts.