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Design for Startups by Garry Tan (Part 2)

Y Combinator2018-09-19
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Hiring designers based on company growth stages, utilizing job boards and referrals to attract talent, building diverse and communicative design teams, emphasizing problem-solving and empathy in design, and leveraging controversy in marketing for business success. Prioritizing authenticity, empathy, and open communication in business, understanding user needs, and valuing collaboration for innovative solutions and product development.

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Hiring Designers Based on Company Growth.
Developer API designers are valuable for early-stage companies.
By Series B, hiring a team of designers becomes crucial.
Websites like Dribble, LinkedIn, and AIGA can help in finding designers.
Design schools like CMU, NYU, and RISD are good sources for hires, but talented designers may not have formal training.
Strategies to attract designers to startups.
Hire designers as temp consultants through job boards.
Befriend designers who produce high-quality work.
Reach out to talented individuals globally.
Utilize referrals and directories to connect with designers.
Consider working with design firms that are open to startups.
Play-Doh Design, a recent YC graduate, is a recommended option.
Having a co-founder dedicated to design is essential.
Offering senior roles and creating a consumer-focused environment can attract top designers.
Key highlights for hiring design teams.
Plan for a diversified team with clear roles.
Look for designers with strong communication skills, empathy, and ability to think through difficult trade-offs.
Conduct phone screens to assess communication skills and past decisions.
Understanding design concepts like personas and prioritization is crucial for evaluating designers.
Building a culture that values and speaks the language of designers is key for attracting and retaining top talent.
Importance of problem-solving, empathy, and understanding users in design.
Recommendations for hiring a good design leader and resources for learning.
Design is a part of startup success, along with other factors.
Success depends on a combination of factors.
Audience thanked for time and engagement.
Importance of 'About Us' page for founders to connect with customers.
Founders should share their story authentically to build relationships with customers.
Asking open-ended questions helps understand users emotionally and identify key problems.
Prioritizing prototyping is valuable in product development, even though it was not initially prioritized.
Importance of Finding Solutions Before Claiming Design Can Solve Them
Distinguishing between business, technology, and design problems is crucial for effective problem-solving.
Secrecy is emphasized for easily copied or enterprise-focused products.
Being open and transparent when creating something new is valuable, as obscurity is the true competition.
The speaker shares a humorous anecdote about providing bad advice to a startup called Soylent, highlighting the importance of open communication and human interaction in business.
The power of controversy in marketing.
Soylent gained free advertising and success by stirring up mixed reactions.
Ninety percent of people initially reacted negatively to the product, spreading word of their dislike.
The remaining ten percent were intrigued and eager to try it.
Controversy can be a powerful tool in building a successful business by generating curiosity and buzz.