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Adronis - The Earth's Immune System

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The Earth is undergoing a detoxification process to heal from chronic poisoning and debris, aided by the Sun's healing energy through solar storms. Humans serve as white blood cells in the Earth's cleansing process, leading to a new harmonious alignment with nature and animals. The renewal includes a wave of resilient geniuses focused on innovation and service, surpassing past achievements. Technology is shifting towards subtle energy and ancient integration, while indigenous populations lead towards sustainable living practices. Earth's immune system is being strengthened for a healthier, more harmonious future.

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The Earth is experiencing a detoxification process due to chronic poisoning from toxicities and debris.
The contamination of the Earth has been caused by separation consciousness over thousands of years.
The Sun serves as a healing medicine for the Earth to overcome this contamination.
Solar storms are a way for the Sun to provide healing energy to the planets in the star system.
The Sun emits energy to remedy the illnesses of his children, the planets, showing his love for them.
Earth is purging toxins through phenomena like the Aurora Borealis, representing a cleansing process.
The Earth's restructuring process involves unveiling hidden information and revealing true intentions.
Humans play a role as white blood cells in strengthening the Earth's immune system.
Nature and animals are also affected by the Earth's energetic changes, leading to a new harmonious alignment.
Humans are compared to cells recharging during a flu, with some cells dying off due to severe damage.
The rise of a new generation of geniuses dedicated to positive change and innovation.
Fresh cells are replacing old cells, leading to the incarnation of resilient geniuses focused on helping humanity and the Earth.
The upcoming generations, especially the youth, will drive significant positive change and surpass past achievements.
These new geniuses will prioritize service over greed, bringing forth a new era of progress and development for the planet.
The Future of Technology and Indigenous Influence.
Technology is moving towards subtle energy and ancient technology integration, focusing on etheric, sacred, and harmonic advancements.
Fossil fuels and traditional power sources are becoming outdated, paving the way for cleaner and more powerful innovations.
Indigenous populations are gaining authority, leading to a return to old ways and a shift towards sustainable living practices globally.
Indigenous people will play a significant role in educating and leading others towards a more connected lifestyle with the Earth.
The indigenous people are preparing for leadership roles in a transformative time.
This phase involves clearing out debris and turmoil to make way for renewal and refreshment.
Earth is likened to building up her immune system for a healthier future.
Indigenous children are also expected to play a key role in this process.
The goal is to reconstruct infrastructure into harmony for a more expansive future.