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5 Reasons WALKING is the King of Fat Loss (Changed My Life)

Thomas DeLauer2023-03-01
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Walking is a highly beneficial activity for health and weight management, with studies showing that increasing daily step count is associated with a lower risk of mortality. Walking is particularly advantageous for preserving muscle, improving insulin resistance, and utilizing fat for fuel. It is also non-concussive, sustainable, and allows for additional benefits such as sun exposure and low light gazing.

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Walking is a highly beneficial activity for overall health and muscle preservation.
A study demonstrated a dose-dependent relationship between the number of steps walked per day and the risk of all-cause mortality.
Walking helps to improve insulin resistance and glucose metabolism.
Increasing daily step count by 1,000 steps can result in a 12% lower risk of all-cause mortality.
Walking utilizes more fat as a percentage of fuel, making it beneficial for burning fat and preserving muscle.
Walking is muscle-sparing and helps improve blood flow to muscles.
Walking helps to activate and preserve muscles, as well as improve angiogenesis for better blood flow to the muscles.
It is a lower intensity exercise that utilizes fats, which spares muscle breakdown.
Walking is non-concussive and sustainable, making it good for joint preservation.
Walking does not beat up the joints like other high-impact activities.
It allows for sustained physical activity without overstressing the body.
Walking allows for natural benefits like vitamin D exposure and affects neurochemistry.
Walking provides opportunities for vitamin D exposure and sunlight, which can affect neurochemistry and improve sleep.
It allows for the integration of physical activity and other daily tasks in one simple activity.