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2024 Honda CR-V vs Toyota RAV4 Review - BEST SELLERS!

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The video compares the Toyota Rav 4 Hybrid Woodland Edition and Honda CRV hybrid, highlighting differences in fuel economy, horsepower, and torque. The CRV offers more luxurious features and design, while the Rav 4 is praised for its performance enhancements. Both vehicles have hybrid options, with the Toyota being more affordable. Factors like ride comfort, price, and specific needs such as towing capacity are discussed to help viewers make an informed decision. Ultimately, individual preferences and budget constraints play a significant role in choosing between the two models.

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Comparison of fuel economy, horsepower, and torque between Toyota Rav 4 Hybrid Woodland Edition and Honda CRV hybrid.
Toyota has slightly better fuel economy and higher horsepower and torque than Honda CRV hybrid.
Both are non-plugin hybrids, but Toyota has an option for electric-only range with Rav 4 Prime.
Features like sport shifting mode and regenerative braking are highlighted in both vehicles.
Paddles for adjusting regen in CRV and resetting feature for one-pedal driving in CRV are also mentioned.
Comparison between Toyota CRV and Rav 4 hybrid systems.
CRV has EV mode for low speeds but limited range.
Woodland Edition CRV has multiple drive modes including trail, sport, normal, and Eco.
CRV has army green paint and bronze wheels.
CRV is considered more luxurious and premium looking compared to Rav 4.
Comparison between the Honda CRV and Toyota RAV4 focusing on design, features, and performance.
Honda CRV and Toyota RAV4 compared in terms of headlights, tail lights, door handles, and floor mats.
Toyota RAV4 noted for having a stiffer ride due to TRD tuned suspension, while Honda CRV offers more comfort.
Both vehicles have over 200 horsepower, with the hybrid model enhancing performance.
Comparison of brake pedals and overall driving experience between the Honda CRV and Toyota RAV4.
Comparison between the interior features of Honda and Rav 4.
Honda's interior is considered more luxurious with superior materials and finishes.
Honda provides more space in the back and better lumbar support.
Honda offers memory seats, improved heated steering wheel coverage, and a premium sound system.
Rav 4 lacks features like memory seats and has a subpar sound system.
Honda's infotainment system excels with wired and wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay options.
Comparison between Honda CRV and Toyota Rav 4 features.
Honda CRV has better cup holders and visors.
Toyota Rav 4 can tow heavier loads.
Decision between the two vehicles may come down to specific needs such as towing capacity.
Comparison between Honda CRV and Toyota Rav 4 focusing on ride comfort, price, and hybrid options.
Honda CRV is deemed more comfortable with better ride quality compared to Toyota Rav 4.
Toyota Rav 4 is significantly cheaper than Honda CRV.
Both models offer hybrid options at varying price points.
The review highlights the value of the cheapest hybrid trims available in the market, emphasizing cost savings for hybrid models.
Comparison between Rav 4 and CRV non-plug-in hybrid SUVs.
Rav 4 preferred for lower cost, while CRV favored for better infotainment system and remote start key fob.
Discussion on remote start features and hybrid battery replacements.
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