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2024 Subaru Crosstrek Wilderness: Epic 1,200-Mile Roadtrip

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The video showcases a road trip in a Subaru Crosstrek Wilderness from Utah to Washington state, with visits to different terrains and challenging trails. The speaker praises the vehicle's performance, adaptive cruise control, and X-Mode capabilities for off-roading. They discuss driving through various landscapes, emphasizing the vehicle's comfort, ground clearance, and fuel efficiency. The Subaru impresses with its handling on gravel, rocky climbs, and steep descents, making it a compelling choice for off-road adventures and long road trips. Overall, the Crosstrek Wilderness exceeds expectations, offering a comfortable, capable, and enjoyable driving experience.

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Overview of Road Trip in Subaru Crosstrek Wilderness
The speaker is excited to embark on a road trip from Utah to Washington state in a Subaru Crosstrek Wilderness.
They plan to visit Craters of the Moon in Idaho and discuss the vehicle's performance.
Stops for gas are included in the journey, with an estimated arrival time of 6:30 p.m.
The speaker plans to document the trip with recordings but mentions potential fatigue affecting coherence.
Using an electronic calculator to reset trip information and monitor fuel mileage while driving through Southern Utah.
Benefits of cruise control and adaptive cruise control on the highway, particularly in Utah with high speed limits.
Discussion on color choices for the vehicle, with green being the preferred option based on social feedback.
Smooth driving experience on the highway with minimal road noise due to the new chassis of the vehicle.
Mileage and MPGs are reported, with driving speed noted as impacting fuel efficiency.
Adaptive cruise control makes long-distance driving easier by handling steering.
Elevation can affect engine performance, but overall vehicle performance is satisfactory.
Passing power is observed, and upcoming lunch plans in Mona are mentioned.
Off-roading in a Subaru Cross Trek with trail tires.
Importance of having a reliable vehicle for off-roading and cautious about tire punctures on sharp rocks.
Terrain described as rocky and challenging, different from previous locations.
Emphasis on being careful due to having a temporary spare tire.
Desire to avoid driving long distances with the temporary spare tire.
Navigating rocky terrain safely with deflated tires.
Utilizing Yokohama Geolander all-terrain tires and the Subaru Crosstrek's ground clearance.
Engaging X mode for more aggressive wheel locking.
Emphasizing steady throttle and cautious driving to avoid obstacles and potential vehicle damage.
Subaru's X-Mode enhances traction and control on difficult terrains.
The system can quickly adapt and learn different terrains, adjusting wheel braking and power transfer for better performance.
Different modes for snow, dirt, and deep snow/mud provide specific adjustments for each type of terrain.
X-Mode is designed to be aggressive in wheel braking and power shifting, ensuring smoother handling on challenging trails.
The system is built to withstand power transfer shocks, making it effective in handling obstacles and tough conditions.
Journey downhill through Aspen Grove and high valley scenery with X mode for hill descent control.
Narrator praises improved immediate response on slippery steep roads.
Vehicle showcases capabilities despite scratches and minor damage from rocky climb.
Adventure deemed successful, surprising onlookers with performance.
Driving through rough terrain in Idaho showcases car capabilities and fuel efficiency.
Achieving high MPG on the highway despite stop-and-go driving.
Off-road performance highlighted through mud pits, rocks, and trenches.
Anticipating another adventure on the drive.
Car's tire pressure affected by cold weather, but overall performing well in challenging conditions.
Discussion on the visual aspects and features of a vehicle.
Suggestions for improvements include a front camera and crawl control function.
Praise for the product's hill descent control and safety systems.
The suspension is considered suitable for a smooth ride on rough terrain and highways.
Plans to test the vehicle on an off-road course near Ellensburg, Washington, focusing on navigating sticky and slippery mud.
Discussion on driving techniques for gravel roads and the Subaru's performance on loose surfaces.
Emphasis on balance, weight distribution, and throttle control for optimal vehicle handling.
Praise for the Subaru's rally car-like feel and versatility on gravel and snow.
Warning against overdriving capabilities and commendation for the car's quietness, suspension, and overall performance.
Recommendation of the Subaru for adventurous drivers seeking commuter convenience and off-road capabilities.
Road trip through Eastern Idaho and Montana.
Sparse population in the area, with a mention of the Old Schoolhouse Cafe as a lunch spot.
Plans to meet Grandma in Cordelane at 5:00 p.m.
Reflects on friendly interactions with people in Dell.
Time constraints due to breakfast and the importance of reaching Cordelane on schedule.
Road trip experience towards Missoula with family.
Impressed by the quietness and composure of the vehicle at high speeds.
Reflects on the premium driving experience provided by the small Subaru.
Comparison of driving experience to Mazda's 'Horse and Rider as one' concept.
Positive feedback on seat comfort and overall handling of the vehicle.
Performance on Off-Road Conditions
The vehicle handles rocky climbs and gravel roads exceptionally well, providing a sense of control and smoothness.
Its softer suspension offers a comfortable ride even on rough terrain.
Extra ground clearance reduces concerns about rocks and ruts.
Stands out in its class for its off-road performance, making it a compelling option for those seeking a versatile and capable vehicle.
Subaru Cross Trek features 9.3 inches of ground clearance for navigating diverse terrains.
Lower MPG at higher speeds due to engine struggle, but excels off-road compared to other vehicles.
Offers better fuel efficiency and off-road performance in the compact crossover class.
Trade-off between power and MPG, with Cross Trek being a less compromised option for off-road readiness.
Performance and comfort of the car on road trips are discussed, focusing on handling on gravel and pavement, safety features, and confidence at high speeds.
The car is compared to other models like the Jeep Compass and Bronco Sport, emphasizing its value for the price.
Plans for an off-road test course are mentioned, along with a clean car after a visit to the car wash.
Driving through Washington state offers diverse environments, from Puget Sound to High Desert.
The speaker mentions a forest fire in the Medical Lake area and appreciates the beauty of the state's landscapes.
Plans to calculate gas mileage at 2,000 ft elevation on a smooth highway at 70 mph.
Observes better engine performance at lower altitude and adjusts speed accordingly.
Highlights from the Road Trip Journey:
The speaker has been driving for about an hour, covering 60 miles with an average of 27 MPGs.
Proper air pressure in tires has improved efficiency.
The town of Vantage is highlighted for dinosaur attractions and wind farms.
MPG dropped to 25.6 due to elevation changes on the driving sports test mountain course in Ellensburg.
Review of the Subaru Crosstrek Wilderness performance and features.
The Crosstrek Wilderness is comfortable, quiet, and capable on difficult terrain, with effective X-Mode and Hill Descent Control.
It climbed steep mountains with ease and maintained good traction in wet conditions.
The infotainment system is glitch-free and functional, offering a pleasant driving experience.
Fuel economy peaked at 27 MPG, making it acceptable given the vehicle's capabilities.
Highlights of the Subaru Cross Trek Wilderness.
The vehicle impressed with its capabilities and driving experience, exceeding expectations.
Recommended for those seeking a vehicle with more capability than traditional SUVs like the Bronco Sport or Wrangler, but not for rock crawling.
The adaptive cruise control and Lane centering systems were highlighted for making the driving experience more relaxing.
Viewers are encouraged to stay tuned for upcoming videos featuring the Subaru Cross Trek Wilderness, as it will be loaned until next spring for further testing and reviews.