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How & Why you should Launch on Product Hunt (In-depth guide 2022)

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Launching a product on Product Hunt can generate significant traffic and exposure for tech businesses, with the potential to receive thousands of upvotes and land in the top five spots. Key steps for a successful launch include choosing the right launch date, engaging with Product Hunt's community, preparing a hunter kit, and leveraging post-launch support and social proof. Building relationships with the Product Hunt community and engaging in strategic outreach can also contribute to a successful launch.

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Product Hunt is a popular platform for tech businesses to launch new products, with 5 million monthly users.
Product Hunt allows new products to be introduced to a large community of tech enthusiasts.
Daily rankings on Product Hunt can generate a large volume of traffic for a website or product.
Launching on Product Hunt is free and has the potential to attract new users.
Before launching on Product Hunt, it's important to choose the right day, find a hunter to support your launch, and prepare the necessary materials.
Consider launching on a day when you have the most traffic to ensure more people see your product.
Hunters are respected members of the Product Hunt community who can help with upvoting and promoting your product.
Prepare a 'hunter kit' with essential items like an icon, custom headline, engaging video, and information about the people behind the product.
To succeed on Product Hunt, it's important to build up to the launch by engaging with the community, getting feedback, and leveraging social proof.
Engage with the Product Hunt community by registering users in advance and asking for their support on launch day.
Build relationships in the communities where potential Product Hunt users are active, such as Slack and Facebook.
Two weeks before the launch, ask for feedback on your Product Hunt launch from the community to warm up your relationships.
After the launch, continue to leverage Product Hunt and showcase social proof of your product's success.
💫 FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Why is launching on Product Hunt beneficial?

Launching on Product Hunt is beneficial because it is a massive community for tech businesses, with 5 million users visiting every month. It allows for the introduction of new products to the community, generating upvotes and potentially driving large volumes of traffic to the website or product.

2. What are the essential steps to take before launching on Product Hunt?

Before launching on Product Hunt, it is essential to find the right day for launch, engage with the Product Hunt community, and prepare all the necessary assets for the launch. Building relationships in related communities and creating social proof post-launch are also crucial steps.

3. How can one succeed in a Product Hunt launch?

Success in a Product Hunt launch can be achieved by finding the right day for launch, engaging with the Product Hunt community, preparing all necessary assets, building relationships in related communities, and creating social proof post-launch. It's also important to have a clear strategy and to actively participate in the launch day.