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The Life and Work of Astrologer Alan Oken

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Renowned astrologer Alan Oken shares his journey into astrology, blending linguistic skills with astrological expertise. Influenced by mentors and spiritual teachings, he emphasizes consciousness in astrology. Oken's Soul-Centered Astrology merges esoteric and traditional principles, impacting readers worldwide. He discusses teaching in China, personal evolution, and the importance of continuous learning in astrology. His personal journey as a gay man in the astrological community highlights challenges and self-acceptance. Oken's career milestones, from computerized astrology to book publications, reflect his dedication to astrology and spiritual growth.

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Alan Oken's journey into astrology began at 23 years old after a mystical experience.
A Tibetan monk urged him to study astrology, leading him to pursue the path.
Oken's passion for astrology started with purchasing books from an astrology bookstore in Manhattan and studying intensively.
Despite initially studying Romance languages, Oken's linguistic skills and astrological talents flourished, supported by planetary alignments influencing his communication abilities.
His unique blend of language proficiency and astrological expertise shaped his successful career in astrology.
Importance of Language in Astrology.
Astrologer emphasizes the significance of language in astrology and its impact on chart readings.
Birth Data and House Division Preference.
Discussion on sharing birth data, including birth time, and the preference for house division in astrology charts.
Comparison of Astrology Trends.
Reflection on studying astrology during the 1960s and comparing it to the current resurgence in popularity.
Infusion of Consciousness in Astrology.
Mention of the infusion of consciousness in astrology during the 1960s and the relationship between visible and invisible realms.
Speaker's spiritual journey from LSD to astrology.
LSD helped individuals move beyond inherited patterns and focus on individuation and spirit.
Message from the spirit of LSD warned the speaker to stop using substances.
Speaker's interest in spirituality led him to explore various religions and eventually esoteric subjects like astrology and theosophy.
Encounter with Swami Satchidananda led the speaker to yoga, meditation, and vegetarianism, shaping his future career in astrology.
Influences on Astrologer's Philosophy and Approach.
Mentors like Isabel Hickey and Rodney Collin shaped his approach to astrology.
Studying under Hickey had a significant impact on his life.
Experiences with diverse astrology students during the civil rights era.
Theosophical lineage influenced his intuitive and intellectual abilities in astrology.
Influence of Alice Bailey's Esoteric Astrology on Soul-Centered Astrology.
Emphasis on integrating exoteric and esoteric astrology, attuning to archetypes, and applying astrology through intellect and heart connection.
Mystical orientation and belief in knowledge passed down through lineage shape Alan Oken's approach.
Balanced approach caters to practical concerns while infusing spiritual and philosophical elements, aiming to elevate individuals without imposing beliefs.
Humanistic and practical astrological style rooted in real-life experiences and family responsibilities.
Alan Oken discusses his spiritual beliefs and influences in astrology.
Oken talks about his journey into astrology, starting with his first book in 1970, and eventually leading to the compilation of 'Alan Oken's Complete Astrology'.
He mentions creating the first computerized astrology program in 1969.
Oken discusses his early career translating rock 'n roll songs.
His work has spanned decades and continues to be relevant and respected in the astrology community.
Alan Oken's experience working as an astrologer and translator for a record producing company.
Oken assembled a team of well-known astrologers and developed a computerized astrology program called Aquariscope in 1969.
Despite owning 15% of the company, Oken declined a buyout offer.
The company went bankrupt, leading to the end of Aquariscope.
This paved the way for the popularity of computerized astrology in the future.
Importance of Books in Astrology Marketing
Acknowledges the importance of books in gaining clients and respect in astrology.
Considers other platforms for establishing expertise in the modern era of social media.
Emphasizes self-publishing over traditional publishers for creating a legacy.
Focuses upcoming books on prediction techniques and self-transformation in astrology, with an emphasis on consciousness as love in action.
Astrology as a tool for human consciousness development.
The speaker chose to help people grow as individuals over seeking fame and wealth in astrology.
Despite not achieving great wealth, the speaker found joy and purpose in their decision.
Growth in consciousness is linked to the manifestation of horoscopes, requiring discipline and humility.
The speaker supports social welfare policies and acknowledges varying levels of consciousness.
The segment explores the influence of fate, karma, and consciousness on shaping one's life.
It highlights the importance of biological inheritance in determining individual identity separate from familial influences.
The discussion touches on the impact of spiritual evolution on material life and the potential for a more joy-filled existence.
The speaker contrasts material poverty with spiritual wealth, showcasing the deep religious life and generosity of the Balinese people despite economic circumstances.
Changing one's life through intentionality, consciousness, and self-discipline.
Advising an anxious businessman on meditation and mind programming to reduce anxiety and improve business success.
Debate among astrologers on the extent of change possible in life, emphasizing discipline and awareness.
Importance of self-acceptance and acknowledging limitations, while still making efforts towards positive changes.
Analysis of Virgo and Capricorn relationship in astrology.
Capricorn symbolizes fulfillment and attainment in the relationship between Virgo and Capricorn.
Importance of rulership and dispositorship in astrology for understanding energetic patterns.
'Rulers of the Horoscope' book provides rules and guidance for intermediate astrology students.
Debate between modern and traditional ruler schemes in astrology and efforts to reconcile differing perspectives.
Importance of Traditional and Modern Rulers in Astrology.
The speaker shares a story about meeting a 75-year-old swami who taught him about perspectives and astrology.
He explains the significance of traditional rulers in astrology, such as Mars representing destruction and Pluto symbolizing transformation.
The speaker discusses using both traditional and modern rulers in his astrological interpretations, using Scorpio as an example.
He emphasizes the importance of considering different levels of consciousness in astrology readings.
Symbolism of planetary glyphs in astrology.
The cross symbolizes Earth and manifestation, related to the Passion of Jesus and merging with the soul and Spirit.
The semi-circle represents the reception of Spirit's energies and the link between higher self, soul, and personality.
The circle symbolizes the all and everything, Spirit.
Emphasis on the interconnectedness of these symbols in understanding astrology and spiritual evolution.
Symbolism of Jupiter and Saturn in relation to the soul and matter.
Saturn symbolizes the illusion of power when prioritizing matter over spirit, leading to limitations.
Importance of structure, order, process, and form is highlighted through personal anecdotes.
Venus and Mars glyphs represent the balance between spirit and matter in earthly power dynamics.
Mercury symbolizes the link between higher and lower mind, facilitating soul-personality fusion.
Overview of Soul-Centered Astrology by Alan Oken.
Oken's book is inspired by Alice Bailey's approach to astrology, merging esoteric principles with traditional astrology.
The goal of the book is to provide a deeper understanding of natal horoscopes by bringing ancient wisdom teachings into modern astrology.
Oken emphasizes that the book was written out of love and duty, not for fame or profit.
Despite being published 30 years ago, Soul-Centered Astrology remains in print and continues to impact readers worldwide.
Teaching Esoteric Astrology in China
Astrologer teaches esoteric astrology in China without translated reference books by creating diagrams and glossaries for students.
Expresses gratitude for students attending workshops and mentions being busy teaching, publishing books, and working with clients.
Talks about mentoring private students, including Chinese students, and acknowledges David Railey's contribution in bringing Western astrology to China.
Supports the revival of ancient forms of astrology but mentions the lack of time to study them personally.
Astrologers develop their own synthesis and system of sources early in their career, refining it over time.
The astrological community tends to stick to their approach for most of their lives, constantly refining it.
Alan Oken emphasizes continuous learning and scholarly orientation in astrology.
As individuals age, the exuberance for learning may decrease, requiring longer periods of rest between studies.
A magnetism towards goals increases one-pointedness and eliminates distractions automatically.
Speaker's Reflection on Personal Life as an Astrologer from a Different Time Period.
The speaker reflects on their marriage to a homosexual woman and raising a child together despite societal challenges.
They accurately predicted the gender of their child after their first intimate experience with a woman.
The speaker was involved in Woodstock as part of a famous rock group's entourage.
Despite facing internal struggles with their sexual orientation from a young age, they navigated their identity and family life in a monogamous relationship.
Speaker shares journey of self-acceptance as a homosexual man in a heterosexual world.
Speaker discusses marriage, raising a child, and experiences as a father and husband.
Encounters with a young astrologer, offering support and scholarships.
Emphasizes importance of empathy and understanding in counseling others.
Highlights challenges and discrimination faced by LGBTQ individuals in heteronormative society.
Speaker shares his experience as a gay man in the astrological community.
Emphasizes that his sexuality has always been a natural part of who he is.
Reflects on societal challenges faced by LGBTQ individuals in the past.
Expresses gratitude for the acceptance he now experiences.
Mentions happily being married to a Balinese man and highlights that his sexuality has never been the central aspect of his life.
Gratitude for Mentor's Impact
Speaker reflects on past favor from mentor and efforts to pay it forward.
Success in Astrology
Mentor expresses pride in speaker's achievements in astrology.
Challenges Faced by Gay Astrologers
Mentor praises speaker's accomplishments and credits modern technology for global reach.
Astrologer Alan Oken discusses his journey from opening a business in Bali in 1983 to teaching astrology in Portugal and overseeing translations of his books into multiple languages.
Oken emphasizes the importance of direct involvement in translation rights for his future book publications.
Viewers are directed to his website, AlanOken.com, for more information about his work, including free monthly newsletters and upcoming webinars.
The conversation concludes with gratitude and well wishes exchanged between Oken and the interviewer.
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