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Hidden Cybertruck Features, More Orders, Vision Park Assist, Incentive Updates

Tesla Daily2023-12-19
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Tesla's Cybertruck updates include new features and increased orders. The truck showcases American-made aspects, 48-volt architecture, and water capability. Tesla is working on wireless charging and advanced technology. Quality production, autopilot advancements, and the removal of the Disney Plus app are discussed. Additionally, Tesla's impact on the EV market in Germany and Canada is highlighted. The video also touches on Tesla's involvement in environmental regulations. Lastly, the European Commission's investigation into a digital service company's compliance and transparency issues is mentioned.

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Updates on Cybertruck and Tesla Stock
New details on hidden features and Vision park assist for the Cybertruck were revealed.
Tesla stock had a tough start to the week, declining over half a percent.
The Cybertruck received an increase in orders, with 172 orders on the Owners Club order tracking sheet.
Orders for the Cybertruck expanded to states outside of California and Texas, including Florida, Maryland, Arizona, and others.
Updates on Tesla Cybertruck Orders and Features.
Lars and Franz shared details on the 48v volt accessory connection for light bar connectivity.
Over 2 million deposits have been made for the Cybertruck, showing high demand.
Tesla initially planned to exclude side mirrors but had to include them due to regulations.
The glass in the Cybertruck is designed to create stress rings for better repairability, despite a $1,900 replacement cost.
Highlights of the American-made aspects of the Cybertruck and its potential to be among the top five most American-made cars.
The Cybertruck's 48-volt architecture supporting features such as wipers.
The capabilities of the Cybertruck in water, including the ability to traverse up to 2.5 ft in Wade mode.
Details on battery pack pressurization to prevent water ingress and potential for the Cybertruck to function as a boat with added buoyancy.
Speculation on future experiments and accessories for the Cybertruck.
Tesla is working on wireless charging capabilities, with a focus on home charging and potential use in robo taxi fleets.
The company has close to 100 Tesla semis testing internally and is preparing for volume production next year.
Tesla has designed the Cybertruck's mirrors to be easily removable, demonstrated in a YouTube video.
Third-party solutions may be available for additional coverings.
Tesla's advancements in technology and design show promise for future developments.
Tesla's aerodynamic efficiency innovations and manufacturing advancements.
Tesla utilizes cameras instead of side mirrors and a laser cutter for precision cutting to improve aerodynamic efficiency.
The company has reduced the thickness of stainless steel panels while maintaining strength, showcasing advancements in manufacturing.
Tesla's focus on micron precision and optical spot checking highlights their commitment to detail and quality.
The segment also touches on air bending processes and the excitement of gaining insight into Tesla's production methods.
Tesla's focus is on quality over quantity in production.
The company plans to ramp up slowly while maintaining high standards.
Efforts are being made to improve speed and efficiency, especially in door panel design for enhanced crash safety.
The autopilot team is working on advanced parking assist features using high-resolution 3D reconstructions.
Future updates are expected to bring further enhancements and improved functionality, with positive reception.
Tesla removes Disney Plus app from Tesla theater, sparking rumors of conflict.
The change is considered minor as the app can be easily restored by visiting disneyplus.com.
Questions arise regarding whether the removal was the best move for Tesla and what it says about the company's direction.
Impact of app removal is minimal, but reasons behind the decision are unclear.
LA Sanitation Department invests in Tesla Model 3s for fleet efficiency.
Legacy OEMs encouraged to enhance their offerings in response to Tesla's success.
Germany terminates EV credit program, leading to Tesla extending subsidy for customers.
Potential increase in demand for Tesla vehicles in Germany due to sudden policy change.
Canada plans to have all new passenger cars sold by 2035 be zero emission vehicles.
Manufacturers will earn credits based on low/no emission vehicle sales.
Regulations set to apply from model year 2026 with a goal of 20% zero emission vehicles by 2026, 60% by 2030, and 100% by 2035.
Credits incentivize automakers to meet these targets, with Tesla well positioned to benefit.
The head of Nitsa stepped down following Tesla's autopilot recall, due to a 2-year limit on temporary officials, effective December 26th.
European Commission opens formal proceedings against X under Digital Services Act.
Focus is on compliance with countering dissemination of illegal content and effectiveness of measures against information manipulation.
Investigation also includes transparency and giving researchers access to X's data as mandated by the DSA.
Evaluation of effectiveness of X's Community Notes system in mitigating risks to civic discourse and electoral processes.
Monitoring implications of investigation on X's content moderation resources and platform transparency.
Concerns about transparency and deceptive design in algorithm of X.
Deceptive design includes check marks and subscription products favoring paid users.
System changes causing confusion, but issue is considered clear.
Current system appears weak, with uncertain outcomes.
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