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Amazon Handmade Application Process - A Step by Step Guide

Teddy AG Smith2021-09-09
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Amazon Handmade offers a fee-free platform for sellers with a simple application process. Gathering important documents is crucial for verification. The process involves signing up for a professional seller account, completing a verification step for Amazon Handmade, and ensuring products are genuinely handmade. Sellers must provide basic information, pictures, and detailed descriptions. Following the outlined steps leads to quick approval. The video provides a comprehensive guide and encourages reaching out with questions. Future videos will cover pricing and offer more useful content for potential sellers.

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Amazon Handmade offers a fee-free platform for sellers with a simple application process.
Many users are hesitant to apply due to perceived complexity, but most get verified easily.
Amazon's massive reach and strict seller account policy aim to ensure credibility and prevent fraud.
The application process consists of two main parts: professional seller account and Amazon Handmade verification, requiring basic information.
The process is straightforward and accessible to all types of sellers.
Important documents needed to become an Amazon seller include passport or driver's license, bank account information, and email.
Documents should be in color, easy to read, and in PDF format for verification purposes by Amazon.
Bank statements should show recent transactions within the last 90 days to prove the account's validity.
Amazon strictly enforces the rule of having only one seller account to prevent fraudulent activity on the platform.
Signing up for a professional sellers account on Amazon involves choosing between individual and professional plans, providing business identification and address, uploading documents like passport or driving license, and entering credit/debit card details.
Accuracy of address is crucial for receiving postcards from Amazon.
After completing necessary steps and verification process, the seller will have their professional account activated on Amazon.
Amazon Handmade application process verification step ensures sellers are selling genuine handmade products.
Applicants must specify if they work alone, have less than 20 employees, or belong to a collaborative group.
The application requires basic personal information, pictures of the workspace and finished products, and a detailed description of materials and processes used.
Sellers must specify if products are completely handcrafted or involve customization.
The process aims to maintain the integrity of the handmade platform and distinguish genuine handmade items from mass-produced goods.
Requirements to sell on Amazon Handmade.
Products must be handmade, hand-altered, or hand-customized.
Handmade products are made entirely by hand, while hand-altered products are modified by the creator.
Hand-customized products are personalized for each customer.
Detailed information and sign-up instructions provided in the show notes.
Guide to Signing Up for Amazon Handmade
Importance of following the outlined steps to get approved quickly.
Encouragement to reach out via email with any questions or concerns during the sign-up process.
Upcoming video will cover pricing on Amazon Handmade to give insight into potential earnings.
Hope that viewers find the information helpful and hints at further useful content in future videos.