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Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, on Using Your Voice For Good

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Sheryl Sandberg discusses the importance of embracing opportunities, building relationships, providing support during hardship, and advocating for children's well-being. She emphasizes the significance of supportive partners for women's success and encourages women to support each other in the workplace. Sandberg dismisses the idea of personal branding and emphasizes authenticity. She addresses challenges women face in the workforce, societal biases, and the fallacy of 'having it all.' Sandberg encourages women to pursue their dreams fearlessly, make decisions from a place of strength, and create something positive from difficult circumstances.

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Cheryl Sandberg emphasizes the importance of helping others, investing in oneself, and team success in career development.
Sandberg shares her 'rocket ship' lesson of unexpectedly moving to Silicon Valley despite facing doubts, emphasizing taking risks.
Sandberg reflects on her time at Google, where she initially felt unsure about her role as a business unit manager due to the lack of established business units.
Embracing opportunities for career growth.
Taking junior roles at Google and Facebook led to significant career growth.
Building relationships at work is important, emphasizing caring for others and having aligned goals.
Focusing on the process of collaboration and problem-solving in professional interactions is valuable.
Avoid fixating on immediate results or differences in opinions in professional settings.
Importance of Feedback and Values Alignment in Working Relationships.
Speaker emphasizes the impact of a close friendship with Mark Zuckerberg and his vision for a global and connected world.
Personal anecdotes shared about building self-confidence after a loss and supporting colleagues facing hardship.
Advocacy for providing time off and project opportunities to maintain belief in individuals during challenging times.
Importance of open and honest conversations about difficult topics like loss and illness.
Speaker shares personal story publicly after husband's death, leading to support and connection from others.
Emphasis on removing 'elephants in the room' and providing genuine support to those in need.
Encouraging empathy and understanding during challenging times.
Highlighting the power of simply being present for others in times of need.
Importance of Resilience and Support in Children.
Children facing poverty and lack of resources require additional support for their well-being.
Many children lack access to education and healthcare due to societal challenges.
Building resilience in children includes emphasizing their value and importance.
Communities and governments need to provide necessary support for children to thrive.
Importance of Independence and Resilience in Personal Growth and Success.
Parents should not intervene in job searches to allow individuals to showcase their capabilities.
Emphasize the significance of hard work and contributing to a greater cause for achieving success.
Organizations value employees who prioritize the mission and work diligently towards it.
Genuine care and dedication to others and organizational goals are key to real success.
Sheryl Sandberg emphasizes the importance of having a supportive partner for women's success.
Sandberg discusses the significance of choosing the right partner, especially for women with ambitious careers.
She shares insights on gender attitudes and expectations, stressing the need for equal sharing of responsibilities.
Sandberg encourages women to date different types of men and advises against rushing into marriage.
Sandberg highlights the ongoing challenges women face in finding supportive partners in the modern dating pool.
Sheryl Sandberg advises women to choose supportive partners who value their careers.
She emphasizes the importance of women supporting each other in the workplace and relying on peers for mentorship.
Sandberg criticizes the idea of asking someone to be a mentor, instead promoting building genuine relationships based on mutual investment.
Lean In circles, based on peer mentorship, have grown globally and helped individuals achieve their goals.
Sandberg dismisses the notion of having a personal board of directors or branding oneself as ineffective advice.
Sheryl Sandberg emphasizes the importance of personal branding and having a 'personal board of directors'.
Giving back in relationships and authenticity in self-packaging are highlighted as key values.
Sandberg compares branding to selling a product, influencing decision-making processes.
The misconception of presenting oneself falsely and the messy nature of human beings are addressed.
Sandberg reflects on her various roles including CEO of Facebook, founder of Lean In and Option B, author, mom, and widow.
Sheryl Sandberg on challenges women face in the workplace.
Sandberg emphasizes the importance of teamwork and hiring well.
She discusses the fallacy of 'having it all' and the support she receives from her team.
Sandberg addresses gender bias women encounter regarding work-life balance.
She sheds light on the unequal treatment and scrutiny faced by women in professional settings.
Importance of Women's Empowerment in Career and Family.
Women are frequently discouraged from balancing a successful career and family, causing them to leave work prematurely.
Emphasizes the significance of women making decisions confidently, having supportive partners, and pursuing their dreams fearlessly.
Speaker shares her personal journey of writing a book about her husband's death, highlighting the process of grief and resilience.
Despite facing challenges, she believes in turning difficult circumstances into something positive.
Reflection on honoring a deceased friend and discussing resilience and legacy.
Sharing a story about a doctor extending his son's legacy by counseling bereaved parents.
Emphasizing the importance of taking risks and facing fears to achieve meaningful goals, with examples of writing a book and taking challenging roles.
Encouraging self-reflection on overcoming fear and finding a strong 'why' for pursuing goals.
Highlighting the impact of tragedy and resilience through personal experiences and the bravery of others.
Shami addresses the lack of female representation in leadership roles after graduating from business school.
She discusses the issue of men dominating top positions and urges the audience to recognize their biases.
Shami emphasizes the importance of addressing cultural norms that impede women's progress.
She encourages advocating for more women in leadership roles.
Shami points out self-limiting behaviors exhibited by women that contribute to setbacks.
Importance of focusing on what you want to say, build, or serve as a leader.
Balancing a career at Facebook with a growing voice in public policy.
Value of business leaders serving in government roles and the impact they can make.
Belief in the need for global companies and voices to connect billions of people.
Importance of having a deep understanding of the business and a strong relationship with leadership for potential leadership roles like COO of Uber.
Sheryl Sandberg emphasizes the importance of passion and relationships in work.
Sandberg encourages prioritizing contribution over job titles and embracing teamwork.
Sandberg discusses her career decisions at Google and Facebook driven by belief in providing access to information and identity revelation.
Sandberg highlights the evolution of information access from libraries to online platforms.
Sandberg talks about the impact of Facebook in showcasing individuals' identities.
Emphasizing authenticity and personal skills development on Facebook.
Importance of taking sales jobs and honing sales skills.
Reminder to embrace challenges and do what you care about.
Key message to invest in your skills, embrace challenges, and stay authentic to achieve success.