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Profiles of Purpose: How to Feed a Nation

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Aviola and Victor Odogur founded Nation Feed in Nigeria, starting with 5,000 chickens and expanding to over 100,000. They emphasized teamwork, communication, and unity in business and marriage, overcoming challenges through open communication. They invested in the community, providing water, electricity, and improving infrastructure. Nation Feed addresses societal issues like poverty by providing quality food and creating job opportunities. The goal is to replicate this success story throughout Africa, demonstrating a successful business model with a social impact.

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Nation Feed's founders, Aviola and Victor Odogur, started with 5,000 chickens and grew to over 100,000, focusing on teamwork and unity in both business and marriage.
The couple encountered challenges in managing people and positioning their products, which they addressed through open communication.
They invested in their community by providing essential services like water, electricity, and infrastructure improvements.
Nation Feed's goal is to combat societal issues such as poverty by offering quality food and job opportunities, showcasing a successful business model with a social impact.
Importance of creating jobs and opportunities in Africa.
Job creation and opportunities are crucial for individuals and the overall economy of Africa.
The success story of job creation should be replicated across the continent.
Sustainable economic growth in Africa is dependent on the availability of jobs and opportunities for its people.