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Kimberly Schreiber: Thinking Differently About Neurodiversity

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The video discusses the value of neurodiversity, promoting acceptance and inclusivity towards individuals with different brain functions and behavioral traits. It emphasizes the need to see the person first, not the disability, and encourages building neurodiverse communities. The speakers share personal experiences and advocate for starting conversations, connecting with others, and challenging stigmas to foster unity and understanding.

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Importance of Neurodiversity
Celebrating differences in brain function and behavioral traits is crucial for building inclusive communities.
Seeing the person first, not the disability, is essential in increasing awareness and understanding.
Embracing neurodiversity can change perceptions and foster inclusivity, promoting acceptance and support.
Diverse perspectives and unique neurological makeups should be valued for a shift towards inclusivity.
Embracing Neurodiversity and Inclusion.
The importance of understanding and accepting individuals with autism is highlighted.
Living in an inclusive community has allowed for valuable relationships with neurodiverse individuals to be built.
Cole, the president of Spectrum Autism at the University of Berkeley, advocates for inclusion after overcoming stigma.
Viewers are encouraged to shift their mindset towards connection and inclusion, embracing the opportunity to learn from neurodiverse individuals.
Importance of starting conversations and connecting with others for unity and togetherness.
Promotes the significance of communication in building relationships.
Audience responds positively with applause to the message.