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Don’t buy a MacBook Pro - MacBook Air M3

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The video reviews the new MacBook Air with the M3 processor, highlighting its improved performance, connectivity options, and support for dual external displays. It also compares the MacBook Air M2 and M3 in terms of gaming performance and productivity tasks, with the M3 outperforming the M2 in intensive tasks. The review also discusses the White Fox Eclipse mechanical keyboard, emphasizing its customizability and high-quality components. Overall, the M3 MacBook Air is recommended for those seeking improved performance, while the White Fox Eclipse keyboard is praised for its versatility and design features.

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Highlights of the new Macbook Air with M3 processor.
The M3 processor offers efficient performance and hardware upgrades like AV1 decoding and Wi-Fi 6E support.
It allows for dual external displays with some limitations.
The M3 chip provides better flexibility but does not support more displays than the previous model.
Recommended for those seeking improved performance and connectivity options.
Highlights of the White Fox Eclipse mechanical keyboard.
The keyboard is praised for its customizability, hot swappable switches, and universal keycap compatibility.
Meticulously designed components like a flexible PCB and vibration isolating gaskets are featured.
Options for wired or wireless use and customizable RGB lighting are available.
Speaker quality and sound differences between models, with comparisons to MacBook Pro speakers, are discussed.
MacBook Air M2 vs M3 Performance Comparison.
The M3 outperforms the M2 in intensive tasks due to thermal throttling and higher RAM support.
M3 excels in benchmarks like Cinebench and NukeX, showcasing a significant performance improvement.
The presence of a cooling fan in the M3 prevents thermal throttling during sustained workloads, resulting in faster processing speeds.
Overall, the M3 proves to be a more capable and efficient option for demanding tasks compared to the M2.
Review of a laptop with fast Wi-Fi speeds.
The laptop performed well in speed tests, achieving around 500-700 Mbps down and up.
Wi-Fi 6E speeds were slightly better than the previous model, but not significantly different.
The laptop is recommended for tasks like blender usage, despite being $100 more expensive than the previous model.
For basic tasks like web browsing and photo editing, the reviewer suggests buying the cheaper M2 model instead.