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Top 9 Masters Degrees (2021)

Shane Hummus2021-08-11
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The video provides insights on various science-related master's degrees, including speech language pathology, occupational therapy, and college professorship. It emphasizes the debt to income ratio, job satisfaction, demand, and pay for each profession. Additionally, it discusses master's degrees in fields like education, business, technology, engineering, and mathematics, highlighting the importance of choosing the right school for an MBA. The career paths of physician assistants and nurse practitioners are also explored, focusing on flexibility, salary potential, and job satisfaction. Overall, the video aims to inform viewers about promising career options and opportunities in the job market.

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Update on Top Five Master's Degrees in Science-Related Fields.
Science master's degrees are considered better than bachelor's degrees.
Speech language pathologists have high job satisfaction and demand despite high debt to income ratio.
Occupational therapists also have very high job satisfaction.
College professors typically require a PhD, but some can teach with a master's degree.
Importance of pursuing master's degrees in fields like education, business administration, technology, engineering, and mathematics.
Emphasis on choosing the right school for an MBA program.
Data science is identified as a lucrative and high-demand field with job satisfaction and good pay.
A master's degree is typically necessary for a career as a data scientist.
Pursuing a master's degree in these fields can open up ample opportunities and lead to success in the job market.
Comparison of career paths: Physician Assistant vs Nurse Practitioner.
Benefits of both professions include flexibility, salary potential, and job satisfaction.
Pandemic impact briefly mentioned in relation to career choices.
Commitment to providing updated information on career trends.
Encouragement for viewers to explore more content on the channel.