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Top 10 Most Useful College Degrees

Shane Hummus2022-01-10
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The video explores the most practical degrees for real-world application, highlighting economics, physics, mathematics, accounting, finance, marketing, computer science, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, and health-related degrees. These degrees offer high pay, job demand, and skills for success in various industries. They provide opportunities for entrepreneurship, investment, and personal finance knowledge. Additionally, they can lead to fulfilling careers with a positive impact on society. Overall, these degrees offer a pathway to financial success and stability in a competitive job market.

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Economics degree as a valuable and lucrative option for real-world application.
Economics degree holders have high early and mid-career pay, leading to many becoming millionaires.
The degree teaches skills for starting a business, personal finance, and investing, contributing to success in various fields.
Job demand for economics degrees is high, with over 20,000 listings on job sites.
Despite a relatively low meaning score, economics is still a valuable degree for those passionate about the subject.
Advantages of Physics, Statistics, and Mathematics Degrees in the Job Market.
Graduates of these degrees often find themselves working in non-related fields like software development or finance due to their rare skill set.
Mathematics degree is in high demand with 58,000 job listings and offers a mid-career pay of $102,000.
Brand name degrees in these fields are recognized by hiring managers, providing a competitive edge in the job market.
Marketing degree equips students with practical skills for real-world jobs and entrepreneurship, offering a starting pay of $48,000 and mid-career pay of $89,000.
Degrees in accounting, finance, and marketing are in the top 10 for creating millionaires.
These degrees offer practical skills for starting businesses and teach personal finance and investment skills.
Finance has a high demand, good pay, and job availability.
Management information systems combine business, IT, and computer science skills sought after by companies.
The finance industry has opportunities for high earnings, including millionaires, deca millionaires, and billionaires, with new developments like cryptocurrency and apps.
Benefits of a Computer Science Degree in Technology Industry
Starting salaries for computer science graduates are around $68,000, with mid-career pay reaching $114,000, along with bonuses and stock options.
The industry offers attractive benefits, job security, and a high demand for skilled professionals, with job listings outnumbering graduates by almost a seven to one ratio.
Computer science is considered one of the best degrees for those interested in technology and business due to its high earning potential and job opportunities.
Industrial engineering and mechanical engineering are practical degrees that teach problem-solving skills applicable to real-world scenarios.
Industrial engineering combines engineering and business, offering a starting salary of $67,000 and mid-career pay of $110,000, with 5,000 job opportunities.
Mechanical engineering provides even more flexibility and diverse job opportunities, with early career pay of $66,000 and mid-career pay of $110,000, and 15,000 job openings.
Both degrees are in high demand and offer versatile skill sets for various industries and roles.
Benefits of Health-Related Degrees in Providing Fulfillment and Stability in Careers
Health degrees offer a clear career path aligned with the degree obtained.
Roles in healthcare-related professions directly relate to the subject of study, providing fulfillment in helping others.
Health degrees have high meaning scores, leading to long-term satisfaction and impact on society.
Demand, job availability, and mid-career pay for healthcare-related professions are strong, providing stability and purpose in careers.