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Top 10 High Paying Jobs for Business Majors

Shane Hummus2021-05-26
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The video discusses various business degrees and career paths, such as marketing analyst, supply chain analyst, financial analyst, manager, financial advisor, portfolio manager, and finance manager. It emphasizes the importance of practical advice and the versatility of accounting and finance majors for entering these fields. The video highlights the average salaries, responsibilities, and opportunities for career growth in each of these roles. It concludes with a reminder to check out the creator's other videos.

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Overview of business degrees and career paths for entrepreneurship and high-paying jobs.
Marketing analysts earn an average of $66k per year and typically require a common degree.
Market research analysts collect and analyze consumer and competitor data, study markets, and offer insights for company campaigns.
Practical advice is highlighted as essential for entering the field of marketing analysis.
Various majors are noted for their versatility in pursuing a career in marketing analysis.
Key Highlights of Supply Chain Analyst Role
Supply chain analysts are essential for business operations, specializing in logistics and optimization.
The average salary for a supply chain analyst is $68,000 per year, making it a lucrative field.
A degree in supply chain management is common for those pursuing this career path.
Opportunities for career growth and working for industry leaders like Amazon are available in supply chain analysis.
Importance of financial analysts in budgeting and forecasting for companies and aiding in decision-making regarding marketing spend and cash flow.
The impact of learning personal finance skills early on future financial stability and freedom.
Responsibilities of a career in payroll management including balancing payrolls, calculating taxes, and ensuring IRS compliance.
The average salary for a payroll manager is $73,000 per year.
Importance of developing leadership skills and gaining experience in becoming a manager.
Managers have increased responsibility, including overseeing and being accountable for their team.
Certified public accountants earn around $78,000 annually with an accounting degree.
Advancing in the accounting profession offers opportunities beyond tax preparation.
Various accounting positions involve tasks like payroll, budgeting, bookkeeping, and auditing.
Roles and Salaries of Financial Advisors and Portfolio Managers.
Financial advisors earn approximately $87,000 per year and often have a finance major, helping individuals manage personal finances akin to a personal trainer.
Working with financial advisors is advantageous but not essential, especially for young people.
Portfolio managers, with an annual income of about $102,000, usually possess a finance degree and are different from hedge fund managers.
Financial advisors are especially valuable for intricate financial scenarios encompassing numerous properties, businesses, and retirement savings.
Roles of Portfolio Managers and Finance Managers in Various Industries.
Portfolio managers oversee financial analysts and make investment decisions, focusing on strategic tasks.
Finance managers handle company finances, develop reports, direct investments, and set long-term goals.
They can work in industries like car dealerships, where quick financing is essential due to changing customer decisions.
Corporate controllers earn an average of $106,000 annually, usually with accounting degrees.
Accounting and finance degrees are common choices for many careers.
Accounting majors can lead to positions such as corporate controller and accounting director.
An accounting director is responsible for overseeing daily accounting operations and ensuring compliance with laws.
The role also involves developing efficient business processes and collaborating with top finance personnel.
Accountants have a flexible career path with opportunities to move into different positions based on expertise and interests.
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