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SCIENCE Degree Majors Tier List (2021)

Shane Hummus2021-07-19
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The video explores a tier list of science major degrees, highlighting aerospace science, biochemistry, and physics as top choices for job prospects and flexibility. It discusses the challenges and job opportunities in various fields like agriculture, environmental studies, and psychology, emphasizing the importance of higher degrees for certain careers. The segment also addresses the concept of hiring based on intelligence over specific skills, with a focus on physics graduates entering finance or programming roles. Viewers are encouraged to interact with the content creator and share feedback on the topic.

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Tier list of science major degrees.
Aerospace science and aeronautics are highlighted for rocket scientists.
Agriculture and animal science degrees are discussed, emphasizing the difficulties of learning farming and animal-related skills in a classroom environment.
Biochemistry is mentioned as a field that combines chemistry and biology to study living organisms.
Biochemistry is highlighted as a more flexible and lucrative degree compared to biology.
Biology is noted for its lack of flexibility, job prospects, and oversaturation in the job market.
Environmental studies is described as having poor job statistics and limited employment opportunities.
Pursuing environmental engineering is suggested as a better alternative.
Exercise science is mentioned as a popular but competitive field.
Job opportunities for different degrees.
Exercise science may not be necessary for personal trainers.
Food science offers job opportunities in the industry, but biochemistry or chemistry degrees are more flexible.
Forestry involves preserving and utilizing wood, with outdoor job opportunities.
Geography and history studies have good job prospects in the natural gas industry, but the energy industry can be volatile.
Neuroscience and physics are highlighted as fields with potential for growth and excellent career prospects.
Advancements like Elon Musk's Neuralink and emerging technologies contribute to the growth of neuroscience.
Physics is considered the most challenging but rewarding degree, emphasizing high intelligence and hard work.
Skills gained in physics may not be directly applicable, but problem-solving abilities and work ethic are valued by companies.
Future value in neuroscience could increase with developments in virtual reality and augmented reality.
Importance of Hiring Based on Intelligence in Finance Industry
Many physics graduates end up in finance or programming roles.
Psychology degree is popular with over 100,000 graduates yearly, leading to job market saturation.
Higher degrees like masters or doctorates are needed for job opportunities in psychology.
Caution against pursuing degrees in 'random science' fields like wildlife and fisheries science due to poor job prospects.
The importance of feedback from graduates with degrees lacking employable skills is highlighted.
Universities are criticized for creating degrees that focus on business rather than education.
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The segment concludes with a reminder to check out the creator's other videos and a promise of more content in the future.