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JOBS With The MOST Automation Risk!

Shane Hummus2020-11-25
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The video discusses the increasing automation risk for various jobs, including data entry, library technician tasks, tax preparation, cargo and freight agents, luggage handling, insurance underwriters, and title examiners. It explores the potential for job outsourcing and the importance of adapting skills to avoid automation. Telemarketing is highlighted as a field with high automation potential. The study emphasizes the evolution towards automation in different industries and the impact on job availability in the future. The video encourages viewers to engage with the content creator's other videos.

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Study on automation risk for various jobs.
Certain careers, such as trade careers and technicians, are at risk of being automated.
Importance of adapting skills to avoid automation.
Questions raised about transitioning skills between different careers.
Evolution of products from traditional sales settings to automation.
Automation of data entry keyer jobs has a 99% likelihood, according to 'willrobotstakemyjob.com'.
94% of voters on the website agreed on the likelihood of automation for these jobs.
Data entry work is characterized as simple and lacking creative intelligence, primarily involving transferring financial data.
There is potential for outsourcing graphic design work to other countries for cost efficiency.
Automation and outsourcing tasks in data entry and library technician roles are increasingly viable with technological advancements.
Programs can now convert images to text automatically, reducing the need for manual input.
Library technicians, who perform basic tasks like re-shelving books, face an 80% chance of being replaced by robots.
The decline in available jobs for library technicians is expected to persist over the next decade.
The potential for automation and outsourcing in these fields is significant and expected to grow in the next 20 years.
Roles of new account clerks, tax preparers, and tasks in financial institutions.
New account clerks ask basic questions and have a high automation probability when opening accounts.
Tax preparers handle individual tax preparation, separate from high-level accountants.
Social intelligence tasks involve customer interaction preferences, with some preferring physical banks for relationships.
Perception and manipulation tasks involve data entry and could be outsourced or automated.
Simplification of tax preparation and increased use of standard deduction and programs like TurboTax.
Rising automation in tax preparation, with potential for further automation in the future.
Certain jobs, like cargo and freight agents, are at risk of automation due to basic tasks that can be outsourced.
Jobs requiring social and perception skills may still be replaced by automation in the long run.
Automation in airport luggage handling could reduce the need for manual labor.
Insurance underwriters evaluate applications and determine acceptance terms, with a declining job outlook.
Creative intelligence jobs in the sector involve data entry and algorithmic decision-making.
Title examiners, abstractors, and searchers compile databases from real estate and public records.
There is potential for automation and outsourcing in the future for these roles.
Advancements in web scraping technology are making it easier to collect large amounts of data from websites.
Machine learning is influencing web scraping technology, providing faster and more efficient data collection compared to manual methods.
Automated web scraping can be a viable alternative for tasks such as gathering housing records.
Telemarketing is a field with high potential for automation, with a 99% chance of automation and low average earnings for employees.
Telemarketing requires minimal intelligence and can be easily replaced by scalable alternatives like influencer marketing.
Social intelligence and sales skills are beneficial but not essential for telemarketing.
Selling over the phone is still valuable, but digital marketing provides cheaper and more scalable options.
Telemarketing tasks can be outsourced to other countries.
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