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Is the Google Project Management Certificate ACTUALLY Worth It?

Shane Hummus2023-03-12
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The Google project management professional certificate on Coursera offers valuable skills for project management at an affordable cost of $39 a month. The course consists of six courses ending with a Capstone project, with flexible study times and a self-paced schedule. Completion time varies but can be as quick as one month. The certificate opens up job opportunities in project management roles with high salaries. While not a guaranteed job, the certificate provides practical skills and a valuable learning experience, making it a highly rated option for career development.

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Overview of Google Project Management Professional Certificate on Coursera.
The certificate offers in-demand project management skills without the need for a degree or experience for $39 a month after a 7-day free trial.
Consists of six courses with high ratings, culminating in a Capstone project, and the test is not proctored, making it easy to pass.
Takes about six months to complete, studying under 10 hours a week at a self-paced schedule, offering flexible study times but requiring self-discipline.
Provides valuable skills for a career in project management.
Highlights of Coursera Certificate Course:
Completion of the course requires self-motivation and dedication, with varying completion times ranging from one to three months.
Coursera's cost is significantly lower compared to traditional education options, at around $39 a month.
Financial aid options are available for those in need.
Coursera offers a refund policy within the first seven days, with cancellation required to avoid charges, making it a highly rated option for skill development.
Overview of the Certificate Program
The certificate costs between $78 to $120 and provides access to a private job board with over 479,000 in-demand job openings in project management.
It prepares individuals for roles such as project manager, project coordinator, and operations manager.
There is high demand for entry-level positions in these roles, with thousands of job openings available.
Putting the certificate on LinkedIn, even before completion, can attract recruiters and lead to job opportunities.
Importance of project management and operations management skills in any company.
Various job positions within the field offer high salaries, ranging from $73,000 to $117,000.
Versatility of entering the field with different degrees or even without a degree.
Positive reviews of the course content and instructors, with students recommending the courses for enhancing project management knowledge and skills.
Google professional certificate courses are highly rated and provide job opportunities at over 300 companies.
Completing the course can make it easier for recruiters to find you and looks good on a resume.
Many people have found jobs using this certificate, with examples of successful career switches and job placements in different countries.
Recruiters on LinkedIn are impressed by the completion of the course, triggering job offers.
While the content may be basic and skewed towards Google's methods, it has helped individuals transition to new careers and gain valuable skills.
Overview of Google project management professional certificate.
The certificate offers easy-to-follow course material and quality instructors, with positive reviews online indicating good job prospects.
Costing $39 a month, it could lead to a new career without the need for college.
Giga brains use Coursera certifications to explore various career paths like project management, data analytics, IT, and UX design.
This approach helps individuals identify the best-fitting career option with minimal risk of time, effort, and money.
Google career certificates offer alternative to traditional education.
Certificates provide practical skills and applied learning projects for building portfolios.
Skills covered include organizational culture, project management, and risk management.
Certificates can get individuals 80% of the way to a job opportunity without a college degree.
Google career certificates receive a high value proposition score of 9.07 out of 10.
Review of a program offering Google certificates and the value of certifications in securing employment.
The speaker emphasizes the importance of additional work beyond certifications in landing a job.
Boot camps and degrees are also mentioned as not guaranteeing employment.
Despite this, the program is highly recommended by the speaker.
Free trial and top five Google certificates are offered by the program, making it worth checking out.