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Is a Chemistry Degree Worth It?

Shane Hummus2021-01-20
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The video explores the value of a chemistry degree, discussing workload, job prospects, and average salaries. Chemistry degrees offer higher earning potential and job satisfaction compared to other fields, with moderate market value and demand for skills. While science degrees are considered difficult, chemistry stands out as a favorable option with low automation risk. Additional schooling may be required for better job prospects, and learning extra skills through internships and networking is crucial. The video encourages support by liking, subscribing, and sharing, teasing exclusive content for viewers.

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Overview of a Chemistry Degree
A chemistry degree involves lab work and mathematics but does not guarantee immediate job opportunities post-graduation.
Average salary for a chemistry degree holder is around $49,000 in the first five years and $93,000 mid-career.
Chemistry degree is positioned above average but below high-paying fields like petroleum engineering in terms of salary.
Upcoming topics in the video include salary, satisfaction, demand, and other factors related to pursuing a chemistry degree.
Benefits of STEM Degrees, Particularly in Chemistry
STEM degrees, like chemistry, are known for offering higher earning potential and job satisfaction compared to other fields.
Science degrees are often regretted due to the expectation of job availability with just a bachelor's degree.
Chemistry is highlighted as a favorable science degree with better job prospects.
Satisfaction levels in science careers vary based on individual factors and industry.
Chemistry degrees have fewer job listings compared to computer science but offer high earning potential.
Physical science degrees like chemistry can earn around 2.6 million over a lifetime, with potential for higher earnings in fields like management.
The skill of chemistry is rated 56 out of 100 on ZipRecruiter's skill index, indicating moderate market value.
Business owners and hiring managers are more likely to hire and pay more for individuals with chemistry skills.
There is a current demand for individuals with chemistry expertise in the job market.
Flexibility and Career Prospects of Science Degrees
Chemistry, ranked as the third hardest major, has a low chance of automation but is challenging.
Double majoring with science degrees may not offer as much flexibility as other fields like business.
Science degrees are rated 6.875 out of 10 for flexibility and career prospects, requiring further education beyond a bachelor's degree for success.
Importance of learning extra skills through internships, networking, and seeking advice from professionals in desired career paths.
Mention of a college degree ranker available on Patreon to help with researching different degrees.
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