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How To Get A Marketing Bachelor's Degree In 6 Months (WGU)

Shane Hummus2023-02-06
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The video outlines a four-step process to earn a bachelor's degree in marketing in just six months at WGU. It emphasizes transferring existing credits, pre-gaming classes with third-party resources, and utilizing online tools for success. WGU offers affordable degrees with potential debt-free graduation, and support from professors. The strategy aims to save time and money compared to traditional education, promoting WGU as a valuable choice for efficient degree completion.

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Strategies for Earning a Marketing Bachelor's Degree in Six Months.
Utilize transfer credits to expedite the process and save money.
Pre-game classes with third-party resources to enhance learning efficiency.
Follow the four-step process outlined for success in obtaining the degree.
Utilize third-party companies like study.com, sophia.org, and straighterline.com to test out of classes for a Bachelor of Science in marketing at WGU.
Completing the degree in a shorter amount of time, some finishing in four to five months.
Possibility to finish the degree in as little as one term, or six months, by pre-studying remaining classes.
Allows individuals to work at their own pace without having to quit their job or relocate.
WGU offers affordable bachelor's degrees with costs around $3,500 per term.
Many students receive grants and funding, graduating debt-free.
Pre-study tips include joining WGU subreddit and Facebook groups for strategies and networking.
Utilize online resources like YouTube, Google, and Khan Academy for free information.
WGU is regionally accredited and respected in various industries, with success stories on platforms like YouTube and Reddit.
Process of transferring existing classes and testing out of them.
Examples provided for transferring classes like AP math and Communication.
Coupon code 'Shane hummus' for study.com to save 30% on the first three months.
Emphasis on saving time and money by testing out of classes.
Regular updating of information for better classes or certificates.
Strategies for completing a bachelor's degree at WGU in a short timeframe.
Emphasizes pre-studying classes, enrolling to finish quickly, and sharing success with others.
Aims to save time, effort, and money compared to traditional degree timelines.
Highlights the opportunity cost of traditional education and the benefits of WGU's accelerated program.
While WGU offers a remote learning option, it may not suit everyone.