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How To Get A BS Science Education (Secondary Earth Science) Degree In 1 Year At WGU

Shane Hummus2023-02-24
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The video discusses obtaining a Science Education degree in one year through competency-based education, utilizing third-party companies to test out of classes and accelerate progress. Tips for passing exams quickly, leveraging resources like Khan Academy and Udemy, and enrolling at WGU to finish classes fast are provided. The strategy involves transferring existing credits, pre-studying courses, and utilizing a cheat sheet for efficient planning. The process of transferring classes, categorizing by difficulty levels, pre-studying, and enrolling at WGU for quick degree completion is outlined, highlighting alternative competency-based universities.

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Obtaining a Science Education degree in one year with competency-based education.
Contrasts with traditional universities requiring four years for a degree.
Emphasizes importance of not skipping steps and transferring existing credits.
Highlights Western Governors University for accepting various credits and experiences.
Aims to help individuals save time and money through efficient education completion.
Accelerating Degree Progress with Third-Party Companies.
Individuals can use study.com, sophia.org, or straighterline.com to test out of classes and speed up their degree completion.
Testing out of one class per week is achievable, even for those with full-time jobs and families.
Leveraging study.com is recommended for its smooth process and minimal issues compared to other third-party companies.
Pre-studying remaining classes using resources like the WGU subreddit and Facebook groups is essential for success.
Tips and strategies for passing exams quickly are discussed, recommending resources like Khan Academy and Udemy for study materials.
Pre-studying is emphasized to avoid paying extra for additional terms in WGU.
Enrolling in WGU and completing classes as fast as possible is advised, with the possibility of finishing a degree in two terms or less.
Leveraging WGU instructors for help, especially in challenging classes like earth science, is recommended for successful completion of the program.
Strategy for completing a degree at WGU quickly.
Transfer existing credits, pre-game courses using study.com, pre-study remaining courses, and enroll at WGU to finish classes fast.
Cheat sheet provides class IDs, course names, units, and study.com transfers for easy planning.
Start with study.com, then sophia.org, and finally straighterline for a smooth process.
Importance of checking the original copy and keeping it simple for efficient degree completion.
Overview of transferring classes and testing out using online platforms like study.com, straighterline, and sophia.org.
Classes are categorized by difficulty levels: green, yellow, and red, with a reference sheet provided after transferring.
Phases include pre-studying classes and enrolling in WGU for a quick completion of a bachelor's degree.
Other competency-based universities are mentioned as alternatives to WGU, with pros and cons of remote learning and weak networking in such programs highlighted.