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How To Get A BS Network Engineering and Security (General) Degree In 6 Months At WGU

Shane Hummus2023-02-18
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The video discusses completing a network engineering and security degree in six months through competency-based education at universities like WGU, emphasizing credit transfer, testing out of classes, and pre-studying for efficient completion. Strategies include utilizing third-party companies for testing, online resources for studying, and enrolling at WGU to finish classes quickly. The marketability and challenges of the degree program, including the Cisco track with CCNA, are highlighted. The importance of certificates and certifications for credit transfer, class categorization by difficulty level, and utilizing online communities for support are also covered.

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How to earn a bachelor's degree in network engineering and security in as little as six months through competency-based education.
Traditional universities require a minimum of four years, which is costly and not always necessary for less challenging degrees.
Competency-based education focuses on testing based on skills rather than time spent learning.
Western Governors University (WGU) offers degrees in less than a year, with testimonials supporting its effectiveness.
The video emphasizes the value of competency-based education and the benefits of universities like WGU over traditional options.
Competency-based universities like WGU offer flexible credit acceptance.
These universities accept transfer credits, CLEP exams, certifications, and work experience.
Students can save time and money by transferring a wide range of credits.
WGU also accepts credits from online courses and military experience.
By providing transcripts and resumes, students can expedite the credit transfer process and receive a list of remaining classes to complete.
Using third-party companies to test out of classes before enrolling at WGU is the most important step for faster, cheaper, and easier progress through the degree program.
Examples show people testing out of 75% of classes using this method.
Study.com is recommended for courses like intro to Python, providing a seamless learning experience.
By following this approach, students can potentially test out of all classes except for 15 out of the total 37 required.
Even those with busy schedules can complete classes at their own pace with discipline and diligence.
Tips for Efficiently Completing WGU Classes
Pre-studying remaining classes is key to finishing in one term.
Utilize resources like WGU subreddits and Facebook groups for study tips.
Recommendations for study resources vary by class, such as Khan Academy or Udemy.
Confidence in preparation and planning is crucial for successful degree completion.
Strategy for completing classes quickly at WGU.
The video segment discusses transferring existing credits, testing out of classes, pre-studying, and enrolling to finish classes fast.
Marketability and challenges of the network engineering and security degree program at WGU.
Highlights the Cisco track with CCNA and the cheat sheet for the program, emphasizing the importance of class ID numbers for easy reference in online communities.
Tips on using and editing the cheat sheet, cautioning about updates, housekeeping details, and the value of ID numbers are covered in the segment.
Overview of classes offered at WGU and transfer credits process.
Importance of certificates and certifications for transferring credits to WGU.
Classes categorized by color: green for general education, yellow for core, and red for program-specific.
Difficulty level increases from green to red classes.
Four-step process for transferring existing credits, including examples of AP classes, traditional college classes, and certifications.
Overview of transferring into WGU and completing classes efficiently.
Process of testing out of remaining classes and transitioning into pre-study phase is explained.
Utilizing WGU subreddits and Facebook groups for passing classes quickly is recommended.
Enrolling in WGU for rapid completion of remaining classes is advised.
Discussion on competency-based universities like WGU, including pros, cons, and alternative options.