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How Brian Landed A Digital Marketing Job At 59 Years Old

Shane Hummus2022-10-17
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A 59-year-old transitions from a high-pressure job to digital marketing for a better work-life balance. They praise Seth's practical digital marketing course for securing their first job quickly and receiving a raise. The speaker highlights the flexibility and opportunities in digital marketing, catering to various skillsets and personalities. They emphasize the value of continuous learning and adaptation in the digital world. The field offers long-term career benefits, remote work options, and a stress-free environment with good pay, setting up a secure future. Viewers are encouraged to explore different digital marketing paths for success.

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Transitioning from high-pressure job to digital marketing.
Individual worked as an airport general manager for over 40 years before seeking a change.
Challenges of constantly being on call and desire to slow down highlighted.
Learned digital marketing online to utilize skills in a new way and find better work-life balance.
Shared simple skincare routine of going for walks to relieve stress and stay healthy.
Transition to Digital Marketing
Success in affiliate marketing led to interest in backend of online business.
Found a reasonable digital marketing course and dedicated time to learn from January to April.
Course covered basics and various strategies including pay-per-click, SEO, and social media marketing.
Results were fantastic, demonstrating the effectiveness of the dedicated learning approach.
Practical approach of Seth's digital marketing course praised.
Emphasis on real-world experience over theoretical knowledge.
Importance of gaining job-relevant skills and experience highlighted.
Hands-on activities like creating ad campaigns and websites credited for helping secure first job.
Seth's course offers practical skills at a reasonable price compared to high cost boot camps.
Successful job search experience highlighted in the digital marketing industry.
Received positive responses from companies and had multiple interviews, securing a position within a week.
Appreciated the friendliness of individuals in the industry and the support received during the job search process.
Received their first raise after four months of being employed.
Journey in Digital Marketing
Started from the bottom and quickly became skilled and sought after by recruiters.
Interest in the internet and experience with building a WordPress website.
Despite challenges with coding and working remotely, happy with pivot to digital marketing.
Finds online meetings convenient and emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and adaptation in the digital world.
Importance of Digital Marketing Skills for Long-Term Career Benefits
Managing multiple accounts with different budgets and monitoring ad campaigns are key aspects of digital marketing.
Utilizing SEO programs to enhance website content is crucial for successful digital marketing strategies.
Digital marketing offers flexibility, remote work opportunities, stress-free environments, and competitive pay.
Transitioning into a digital marketing career is viewed as a secure future with potential for growth and avoiding traditional labor jobs.
Opportunities for introverts and extroverts in digital marketing.
Digital marketing allows for creativity and analytical thinking.
Different paths in digital marketing suit various personality types and skillsets.
Math skills are valuable in areas such as pay-per-click advertising.
Diverse field with numerous opportunities for success, viewers encouraged to explore through a masterclass.
Appreciation for guest appearance on the channel.
Speaker expresses desire to learn more from the guest in the future.
Ending the conversation for now but grateful for the insights shared.
Overall appreciation for the guest's time and contributions during the interview.