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From Struggling Artist To Digital Marketer In 4 Months

Shane Hummus2022-07-06
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Ashley shares her transition from artist to digital marketer, emphasizing the importance of online presence. Advice is given on integrating job skills with art, with digital marketing recommended. Opportunities in graphic design, tech sales, and gaming are highlighted. A course by Seth is suggested for a career in digital marketing, focusing on practical experience and confidence-building. The speaker shares personal experiences of balancing a job in digital marketing with art. The importance of setting goals and investing in digital marketing courses is discussed, with endorsement of Seth's course. Viewers are encouraged to explore 'dragonridersdance' and Ashley's Instagram.

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Ashley's journey from artist to digital marketer.
She discovered her passion for digital marketing accidentally years later.
Importance of artists having a strong online presence and utilizing social media.
Insights on conducting keyword research and leveraging skills in new ways.
Raised by a web developer mother, Ashley gained valuable knowledge early on contributing to her understanding of digital marketing.
Importance of hard work, stubbornness, and persistence in achieving success as an artist.
Exploring alternative career paths like digital marketing to make money while pursuing art on the side.
Personal experience of working full-time as a Google ad specialist and part-time as an artist.
Benefits of gaining job skills to support artistic endeavors.
Importance of learning a valuable skill before pursuing art full-time.
Stability and opportunity to build a portfolio or start a business gradually are key benefits.
Integration of job skills into artistic endeavors can fuel creativity.
Digital marketing is recommended as a skill to learn due to its mix of artistic and analytical components.
Learning digital marketing enables individuals to start an art blog, collaborate with other artists, and develop various skills in the digital marketing sphere.
Potential career paths in graphic design, digital marketing, tech sales, and UX/UI design are discussed.
The speaker points out the increasing opportunities in the gaming industry, especially with the rise of the metaverse.
Decentralization in game development is expected to enhance game quality and provide new prospects for artists.
Seth's online course is highlighted as a valuable and accessible way to pursue a career in these fields without prior experience or a relevant degree.
Highlights of the Course on SEO Career Preparation.
The course focuses on practical experience and basic concepts before advancing to more complex topics.
It offers guidance on job applications, interviews, and resume building to prepare students for entry-level positions.
Students are encouraged to build a portfolio and are provided with reassurance to boost confidence.
The course introduces opportunities for internships that can lead to job offers in the field of SEO, combining skill-building with confidence-building elements.
Speaker took five months to secure first job offer, starting at $19 an hour and negotiating a raise to $24 an hour.
Transitioned to a job paying $50,000 a year while also working part-time as an artist.
Balancing stressful job with artistic pursuits discussed, with speaker reflecting on energy and focus needed for first job.
Importance of Setting Goals and Investing in Digital Marketing Courses.
The speaker shares their experience in a job with early mornings and emphasizes the need for goals to feel accomplished.
Digital marketing courses are promoted as a valuable alternative to traditional degrees.
Seth's course is endorsed as a cost-effective option, with the free master class offering insights into digital marketing.
The practical approach of the course is praised, making it a recommended choice for those interested in a career in digital marketing.
Speaker discusses marketing and provides a link for viewers to check out.
Speaker expresses appreciation for everyone and encourages viewers to visit 'dragonridersdance' and Ashley's Instagram.
Speaker thanks the audience for watching and mentions the possibility of a future update video.
Segment ends with a final thank you and well wishes to the audience.