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From Laid Off Construction Worker To $65k Remote Job In 29 Days!

Shane Hummus2022-06-21
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Course Careers helped individuals transition to high-paying tech sales careers in just one month, offering stability and flexibility. The program focused on emotional intelligence and finding solutions for customers, leading to quick job offers with remote work options. In-demand skills were emphasized for better treatment and benefits, with entry-level roles in software sales and business development being highlighted. The self-paced learning program provided support, guidance, and testing on relevant books, with an emphasis on personal interviews for knowledge assessment. Troy's passion and sales skills were praised for the program's success.

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Kevin transitioned from construction to tech sales in 29 days after joining Course Careers.
He experienced uncertainty and instability in construction work, with periods of high pay followed by long hours and then complete halts in work due to the pandemic.
This led to a challenging two-year period of unemployment, showcasing the feast or famine nature of his previous job.
Despite the difficulties, Kevin's transition to tech sales brought new opportunities and stability to his professional life.
Career transition opportunities in tech sales without traditional education.
Course Careers specializes in tech sales, offering job opportunities in software as a service.
Tech sales involves selling sales acceleration platforms like DMB Hoovers in finance, marketing, and compliance industries.
Training provided for inbound and outbound sales roles for individuals seeking career transitions.
Importance of Emotional Intelligence and Understanding Prospects' Needs in Sales Development.
Emphasizes the non-cutthroat nature of tech sales, focusing on finding solutions that fit the customer rather than forcing a sale.
Experience with Course Careers, a training program providing paid interviews with partner companies.
Details the timeline of the job search process, from signing up with Course Careers to receiving a job offer within a month and a day.
The training program offers a unique approach to job readiness and pays participants for their training.
New service offers job placement in one month.
Service outperforms traditional education and boot camps.
Stability and performance-based nature of new careers highlighted.
Many jobs obtained are fully remote, offering flexibility.
Service effectively launches individuals into successful careers quickly.
Importance of having an in-demand skill in a career.
Rare skills lead to better treatment, higher pay, and more benefits from employers.
Focusing on careers with high demand leads to quicker pay raises and better treatment.
Putting in extra time and effort in in-demand career fields is acknowledged and rewarded, creating a positive work environment.
Hard work in in-demand careers is recognized with additional benefits and rewards.
High demand for entry-level positions in software sales, business development, and sales development on LinkedIn.
These roles often require prior experience due to automation and outsourcing.
Companies are seeking individuals with experience, making it difficult for newcomers to enter the industry.
Researching entry-level roles on LinkedIn can help understand the demand for different jobs.
Experience is a key factor in securing higher-paying positions in the industry.
Overview of the self-paced learning program with online modules and reading assignments.
Students were tested on books like 'How to Win Friends and Influence People' and 'Fanatical Prospecting'.
Support provided through a Discord channel and face time with the instructor on Mondays and Thursdays.
Students were split into groups as the course grew.
Personal interviews with the instructor at the end of the course to test knowledge.
Benefits of alternative education and Troy's passion for achieving results for students.
Troy is praised for bringing out the best in people and generating excitement.
His sales skills and ability to get people engaged are key factors in the program's success.
The guest expresses appreciation for the course and the opportunity to share their story.
Overall, a positive experience is indicated by the guest.