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From College Dropout To $70k/year With Apprenticeship Program

Shane Hummus2022-08-19
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Discover Praxis is an apprenticeship program that offers hands-on experience in various career paths, guiding individuals towards fulfilling careers. Participants go through a boot camp covering corporate skills before transitioning into job placement and receiving job support. The program costs $12,000 to $15,000, and participants start making money during the apprenticeship. Praxis provides an alternative to traditional college education, focusing on high-demand skills and mindset for success in entrepreneurship or corporate roles. The speaker emphasizes the value of apprenticeships as a viable career option with increasing popularity and opportunities for success in various fields.

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Pete's journey from traditional education to a practical apprenticeship program.
Pete graduated high school without a clear career path and attended college aimlessly.
Disillusioned by the lack of practical knowledge gained in college, Pete sought alternatives.
Pete discovered Discover Praxis, an apprenticeship program that helped him choose a career and gain hands-on experience.
The program was not trade-specific but focused on guiding individuals towards their desired career paths.
Exploring Alternative Education Options
The speaker felt unmotivated and depressed in college while being undecided on a major.
Dissatisfaction with traditional education led to discovering Discover Praxis.
The former CEO of Discover Praxis discussed limitations of the college education system and the trend of people opting out.
This led the speaker to take a gap year to explore alternative education options like Discover Praxis.
Experience with Praxis apprenticeship program.
Three to six-month boot camp covering corporate skills like operations, marketing, sales, and customer success.
Emphasis on building skills and portfolios through projects to impress hiring managers.
Hands-on approach helping individuals transition into chosen career paths effectively.
Satisfaction with career in sales attributed to practical training received through Praxis.
Importance of early skill development and motivation in career growth.
Discover Praxis program assists with job placement and career development, focusing on networking.
Cold calling and presenting value propositions to hiring managers leads to job offers and growth in tech startups.
Program helps individuals assess strengths, weaknesses, and passions to start their careers successfully.
Transitioning into B2B SaaS sales and entrepreneurship.
Developing skills in pitching, communication, and professionalism is emphasized as valuable.
Learning a valuable skill for steady income before starting a business is recommended.
Pursuing entrepreneurship for freedom, flexibility, and passion, rather than just financial gain, is advised.
Unconventional advice is considered essential for long-term success in business.
Overview of entry-level roles in the B2B SAS industry and potential earnings.
Base pay and commission structures discussed for positions like BDR and SDR.
On-target earnings explained through meeting quotas.
Examples of 70k base pay and 120k on-target earnings for account executive roles.
Speaker shares personal experience of starting at 35k base pay and working full-time during apprenticeship program.
Praxis program involves a boot camp style for the first three to six months, focusing on customer success, marketing, sales, and operations.
Participants then move to job placement and receive job support to excel in their roles.
The cost of the program ranges from $12,000 to $15,000, with payment options available.
Praxis is hands-on and selective, accepting around 150 to 200 participants.
Participants start making money during their apprenticeship, with opportunities for loan assistance to pay off the program fees.
Praxis: An Alternative to Traditional College Education
Praxis focuses on high-demand skills and mindset for success in different career paths, offering a cost-effective program that covers monthly expenses and provides practical experience.
Participants are urged to gain valuable skills for entrepreneurship, personal branding, or corporate success through the program.
The value of college degrees has decreased since the 70s, making alternative programs like Praxis more attractive for quick career advancement without accumulating student loan debt.
Growth of apprenticeships as a viable career option.
Apprenticeships are increasingly popular in the United Kingdom and the United States.
Benefits and opportunities provided by apprenticeship programs are emphasized.
Trend towards apprenticeships expected to continue expanding over the next decade.
Speaker expresses gratitude for guest sharing their story and insights for individuals seeking career guidance.