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Best Entry Level Job Tier List (Entry Level Careers RANKED!)

Shane Hummus2022-06-22
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The video ranks entry-level careers from S-tier to F-tier, highlighting digital marketing and tech sales as lucrative options with high earning potential and room for growth. Software development, web development, and UX/UI design are also mentioned as promising paths. Trade careers, customer service roles, and medical assistant positions are discussed, emphasizing growth opportunities and job demand. Viewers are encouraged to engage in conversation about the job rankings presented in the video.

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Ranking of Entry-Level Careers
Data entry is ranked as an F-tier job due to its boring and easily outsourced nature.
Digital marketing is highlighted as an excellent choice with numerous job opportunities, flexibility, and high pay potential.
A free masterclass by a digital marketing expert is recommended for those interested in the field.
Tech sales is mentioned as a promising field with various job titles and opportunities for growth.
Overview of Tech Sales, Retail Sales, Office Clerk, and Web Development career paths.
Tech sales is lucrative, with top earners making over $600k yearly.
Retail sales provides valuable sales skills but offers low pay and limited growth.
Office clerk positions are mundane and lack opportunities for advancement.
Web development is a stepping stone to software development, offering high pay, remote work, and room for growth.
Opportunities in Software Development and Quality Assurance
Breaking into software development is easier compared to becoming a developer, with high earning potential in the first year.
Software quality assurance testers have entry-level positions with competitive pay and opportunities for advancement.
Receptionist positions, like working at a hotel desk, are also mentioned as accessible job opportunities in the industry.
Job opportunities in various fields discussed.
Hotel desk positions mentioned as good for tips, study-friendly overnight jobs.
Receptionist roles not recommended for career growth.
Information technology highlighted for certifications and growth potential, with successful transition examples.
Cybersecurity noted for ease of entry.
Security guard jobs categorized as 'warm body' roles.
Truck driving and trade careers mentioned as lucrative options for those without formal education.
Trade careers provide quick entry and decent pay, with opportunities varying by state and job type.
UX/UI design is a lucrative path for artists without a college degree.
Customer service roles, such as customer relationship manager, can be done remotely and are ideal for those skilled in assisting others.
Data analyst positions are valuable and can lead to roles as data scientists or engineers.
Real estate agent roles offer varying income potential and room for growth, while waiter jobs are a good option for students or those starting out in the workforce due to flexible hours.
Discussion of various job opportunities, including waiter, cashier, shelf stocker, bartender, and medical assistant.
Pros and cons of each job highlighted, such as earning potential, growth opportunities, and job demand.
Medical assistant identified as a fast-growing career with high demand and potential for growth despite lower current pay.
Categorization of each job into tiers based on factors like learning potential and work hours.
Viewers encouraged to share their thoughts and engage in conversation about the job rankings presented in the video.