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Are Tech Sales Bootcamps ACTUALLY Worth It?

Shane Hummus2022-09-19
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Tech sales boot camps are popular due to high demand and good pay, with individuals making over $70,000 in their first year. Success stories include earnings of $130,000 in the first year and over $500,000 after five years. Boot camps provide a quick training for tech sales jobs, with opportunities for success even without a college degree. Top-rated boot camps like Course Careers offer affordability, effectiveness, and job placement support. Alternative options to expensive boot camps are discussed, with a free training course recommended for cost-effective learning in the tech sales field.

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Tech sales boot camps are in demand, offer good pay, and do not require a college degree.
Individuals can earn over $70,000 in their first year in tech sales without prior experience.
Success stories include individuals making $130,000 in their first year and over $500,000 after five years.
High performers in tech sales can potentially earn even more.
The video aims to help viewers decide if a tech sales boot camp is a good fit for them and warns about the varying quality of boot camps available.
Opportunities in Tech Sales without a College Degree
Many companies in the tech industry are removing the college degree requirement, particularly for boot camp graduates.
The technology industry is expected to experience significant growth, making sales skills highly sought after.
Boot camp graduates are being hired by employers in the tech sales field.
Different paths, such as certificates, online courses, and self-teaching, are available to enter tech sales, with the best path depending on individual circumstances and career goals.
Comparison of top-rated tech sales boot camps.
Elevate, Highrise Academy, Pre-hired, Springboard, and SV Academy are considered top-rated options.
Course Careers is highlighted as the most affordable and highly rated boot camp.
Despite the shift to online formats, boot camps continue to charge high fees, leading to questions about value.
Course Careers is the top choice due to affordability, effectiveness, and shorter completion time.
Course Careers ranked number one for job placement duration, followed by High-Rise Academy and Elevate.
High-Rise Academy had conflicting pricing information and lacked verifiable reviews or interviews.
Course Careers had numerous video interviews on LinkedIn, partnerships with companies for internships, and a supportive community atmosphere with platforms like Discord and Facebook.
Course Careers offers similar benefits as other boot camps but at a fraction of the cost.
Alternatives to paying for a $30,000 tech sales boot camp.
Speaker recommends a free training course with a discount code provided.
Success stories of individuals who have taken the course careers route, emphasizing effectiveness in securing job opportunities.
Video aims to save viewers money and guide them towards cost-effective and beneficial learning options in tech sales.