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9 Entry-Level Remote Jobs Hiring Now (No Degree)

Shane Hummus2023-10-30
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The video highlights various remote job opportunities, including customer care roles, data analysis positions, YouTube thumbnail design, auction specialists, online reputation management, and PowerPoint design. These jobs offer competitive salaries and opportunities for growth, with entry-level roles available in some fields without requiring a college degree. Viewers are encouraged to explore these job options and share them with others.

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Nine remote jobs currently hiring are highlighted in the video segment.
The first job discussed is a customer care embracer role at Embrace Pet Insurance, paying $31-39k a year, requiring a love for animals.
The second job mentioned is a transaction specialist role handling financial transactions, paying $51k a year with low qualifications needed.
The video also mentions a visual merchandiser role focused on creating store displays.
Each job is rated on an opportunity score and links are provided for more information.
Remote positions available for analyzing data on display performance in stores.
Entry-level jobs in this field do not require experience or a college degree and pay around $43,000 a year.
Pros include creative freedom, diverse projects, and tangible impact on business.
Cons involve deadline-driven work and adapting to different brand styles.
Opportunity score for these positions is 9 out of 10.
Importance of YouTube thumbnail designers in attracting viewers and potential earnings.
Job opportunities in thumbnail design available on YTJ Jobs and Fiverr.
Auction specialists evaluate and manage online sales, earning around $54,000 annually.
Job may be challenging despite not requiring specific qualifications.
Viewers encouraged to share job opportunities with friends and trust legitimacy of presented options.
Importance of online reputation management for maintaining a positive brand image.
Online reputation managers address and monitor potentially damaging online content to protect a brand's reputation.
The role combines aspects of public relations and digital expertise, with an average annual earning potential of $74,000.
PowerPoint designers play a crucial role in creating visually appealing presentations that can impact business success.
Well-designed PowerPoints can influence sales and investments, with an average annual earning potential of $67,000.