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9 Best Associate Degrees (2 Years Or Less)

Shane Hummus2023-04-12
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The video discusses various career options in the healthcare and technology industries, highlighting the benefits and challenges of each. It emphasizes the lucrative and stable nature of nursing careers, the high demand for male nurses, and opportunities for career advancement in the field. Additionally, it explores the fast-paced and hands-on training programs for physical therapy, respiratory therapy, and radiologic technology, as well as the potential for high earning potential and job growth in the technology sector, particularly in cyber security and computer science. Overall, the video provides insights into the diverse career paths available and the importance of making informed decisions for optimal career success.

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Benefits of an Associate's Degree in Nursing
An associate's degree in nursing is presented as a lucrative and stable career option, especially for men due to a shortage of male nurses.
Entry-level salary for nurses is around $69,000 per year, with a projected growth rate of 6% over the next decade.
Accelerated programs allow quicker entry into the workforce with opportunities for advancement to higher-paying roles like nurse practitioners or nurse anesthetists.
Career options of dental hygienist and physical therapy assistant are compared for job seekers.
Dental hygienist program offers good salary potential with shorter duration but limited career advancement and physical demands.
Physical therapy assistant role provides high job satisfaction, meaningful work, and good pay by assisting patients in recovery.
Dental hygienist is suitable for those comfortable with physical and gender-related aspects of the job.
Physical therapy assistant offers fulfilling patient interactions and job satisfaction with a focus on helping patients recover from injuries.
Physical therapist assistants earn around $91,000 a year with a 33% job growth rate.
Respiratory therapists make $61,000 a year with a 14% growth rate.
Training programs for these professions are hands-on and fast-paced.
High stress levels and long hours are common in both careers.
Radiologic technologists focus on using machines for x-rays, MRIs, and CT scans, requiring technical knowledge and clinical skills.
Salary and Job Outlook in Healthcare Careers.
Radiologic technicians earn around $61,000 annually with a stable job market, but may have exposure to radiation and physical strain.
Occupational therapy assistants make approximately $86,000 per year with high job satisfaction and growth potential, but may encounter physical demands and limited advancement opportunities.
Technology careers offer pathways without a college degree due to fewer barriers, though having a degree can be advantageous in specific situations.
The choice to pursue a degree for career success should be considered individually for optimal outcomes.
Opportunities in the technology industry are easily accessible through quick entry-level positions like help desk roles, with success stories of individuals starting within days.
The increase in cybercrime underscores the significance of pursuing cyber security degrees to combat threats in the digital space.
The field of cyber security presents lucrative earning potential, shorter entry timelines, and prospects for career growth.
While many cyber security positions require a bachelor's degree, it is advised to apply even if not meeting all qualifications.
Cyber security jobs remained relatively stable during the recession, showcasing the industry's resilience and continuous demand for skilled professionals.
High demand and earning potential in computer science.
Specialization in cloud services like AWS and Microsoft Azure is advisable.
Strong problem-solving skills are essential for success in the field.
Technology created in computer science may have negative impacts on society.
Diagnostic medical sonography offers good salary and job opportunities in healthcare.
Challenges and Requirements of Working as a Dental Hygienist.
Physical stamina and ability to stand for long periods are necessary for the job, which can lead to potential back problems.
Working with patients who are in pain can be emotionally challenging.
An associate degree is a good option for education in this field.
There is a ranking system available to compare the best and worst dental hygienist programs.